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Surprising Ingredients Add Unexpected Twist to Fruits of Your Labor

Sweet & Spicy: 3 Amigos Salsa

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that onion and pear make for delicious fare? Ok, ok, so my poetry skills may need a little polishing up, but the fact remains: fruit is popping up in the tastiest, most unexpected places!

I am a BIG fan of cooking with fruit and love to throw together a simple, fresh fruit dessert like Donna Will’s Delightfully Cool Summer Strawberry Torte to finish off a warm weather meal. Not until digging in to the creative recipes submitted by you members, though, did I realize what an impact nature’s sweet treats can have on some savory favorites!

Janice Kasper’s 3 Amigos Salsa got my mind racing and my taste buds singing. Her super-fresh onion and tomatillo salsa hides a dangerously delicious secret weapon: tiny bits of sweet red pear! Almost undetectable, the sweetness of the pear causes the other flavors to pop, and makes for a wonderfully complex bite.

Similarly surprising – and satisfying – is Kim Fry’s creative use of raspberries in her Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Tortillas! Her combination of different ingredients comes together for a heckuva good dish… and one that pairs well with Janice’s salsa, by the way!

Gordon Savell of Mobile, AL uses fruit in his favor as well by combining grapes and apples to make his Fruity-Nutty Chicken Salad. This lovely, light recipe has become an afternoon and brunch-time favorite for me and my house full of hungries. Gordon’s recipe adds a real innovative touch to an old-time favorite. Now that’s something that makes me want to stand up and applaud… that is, if it weren’t for this giant bowl of chicken salad resting on my lap. Yum.

Kudos to all you creatives for sweetening our recipe repertoire!

Apples and oranges and bananas, oh my! Share your favorite uses for bountiful fruit… be it breads or salsas, we’d love to hear!