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Halloween-Themed Party Treats

Halloween-Themed Party Treats

While I may have outgrown trick or treating, I still love to celebrate Halloween. This weekend, I’m hosting a costume party for friends. I thought it would be fun to serve some Halloween-themed party treats for everyone to enjoy.

“This tried and true recipe for jam-filled Yo-Yo Cookies has been loved in my family since the 1950s,” shares Maureen Haddock. “I have learned that dressing up a family favourite recipe is better than creating a seasonal masterpiece that contains too much artificial colour and flavour.”

Maureen’s Yo-Yo Cookies Reshaped For Halloween are wonderful. It’s a very simple sugar cookie with a hint of honey.

For the filling, I opted to add my favorite raspberry preserves. But you can get creative and use the family likes – frosting, peanut butter, hazelnut spread… the list is endless.

Another adorable cookie is Teresa Jacobson’s (New Orleans, LA) Spooky Eyeball Cookies.

“I created this recipe as a spooky treat for my nephews last year,” explains Teresa. “It creeped them out but not enough to stop them from eating them all!”

Now, these spooky eyeball cookies are fun and guaranteed to put everyone in the Halloween spirit!

The cookie is soft and reminds me of shortbread. A dab of icing adds a touch of sweetness. Kids would have fun helping to decorate these cookies.

Sue Adame (McMinnville, OR) serves her Cracker Jacks Gone Wild on movie nights. But since it’s filled with candy and caramel-coated popcorn, I think it’s great for Halloween too.

Caramel popcorn is tossed with chocolate M&M’s and tart dried cranberries for the ultimate flavor contrast. I love cashews for the nut of choice but easily swap your favorite. Perfectly salty and sweet, this is addicting.

Kelly Wittman’s (Avon Lake, OH) Trick or Treat Trail Mix is a great snack mix for Halloween, or anytime really.

“I only make it once a year in October to keep it special,” says Kelly. “Everybody who tries it always asks for the recipe.”

One bite and I was hooked. The coating on the peanuts is similar to caramel corn coating.

Candy corn and fall-colored M&M’s make this festive and even yummier. The peanuts and peanut butter Ritz bits make this a little different than other snack mix recipes.

As a favor, I’m making Colleen Sowa’s (La Crosse, WI) Witch’s Hands.

“We have been making these since I was a girl,” reveals Colleen. “My mother used to go all out for every holiday.”

This is a cute and creepy Halloween party favor. They are very easy to make too.

Candy corn act as the nail and you can fill the gloves with your favorite popcorn or chips. I loved popcorn, but Colleen also suggests Cheetos or cheese balls that would be delish too.

Whether you are heading to or hosting a Halloween party or just want to snack on something while handing candy to kids, these Halloween-themed party treats are festive and delicious. Happy Halloween and Happy Pinching!