Must-Make Blackstone Griddle Recipes

Must-Make Blackstone Griddle Recipes

Blackstone griddles are worth all the hype! They are such a delicious and fun way to cook so many of your favorite foods. Check out these must-make Blackstone griddle recipes you need to try. From fried rice to smash burgers to crunchwraps to pancakes, you’re going to love making these recipes on your outdoor griddle.

The Best Blackstone Fried Rice (Easy Griddle Recipe)

“This Blackstone fried rice is one of my favorite griddle recipes, and it’s so easy to make! Start with cooked and cooled white rice, add in a few pantry ingredients and your choice of vegetables, and you’ve got an easy griddle fried rice recipe that the whole family will love!” – Neal

How To Griddle Taco Smashed Burgers

“You have to try this combo – this is how to make taco smash burgers on a griddle! Cook it outdoors on the Blackstone Grill or Traeger Grills Flatrock Griddle, or inside on a cast iron skillet. Let’s griddle smashed taco burgers!” – Jenna

Blackstone Crunchwrap (Taco Bell Copycat Recipe)

“This homemade copycat Blackstone Crunchwrap recipe is the ultimate griddle treat. It’s a copycat recipe of Taco Bell’s famous Crunchwrap Supreme that’s easy to make in your own home, so you can enjoy the tastes of this popular fast-food favorite at any time!” – Renae

Blackstone Fish Tacos Recipe

“Fish Tacos on Blackstone griddle is easy to make on the flat top griddle. The fish are quick to cook on the Blackstone and are light, flavorful and delicious. Blackstone Griddle Recipes are a family favorite and this one is always requested.” – Carrie

Blackstone Griddle Pasta Primavera

“This simple Blackstone Pasta Primavera is an easy 20 minute recipe cooked entirely on your griddle and is loaded with fresh vegetables, lemon butter sauce, basil and Parmesan for amazing flavors in a healthy vegetarian dinner.” – Danielle

Blackstone Fajitas – Easy Chicken Fajitas

“Looking for an easy chicken fajita recipe? Look no further than Blackstone Fajitas. This simple recipe makes it easy to cook up a delicious Mexican feast in no time. Get ready to enjoy some of the best fajitas you’ve ever tasted!” – Wendy

Blackstone Pancakes

“Blackstone Pancakes are a total game-changer for me! My family loves pancakes, and with our size, it always takes a LONG time to make a big batch of pancakes. Now when we have family over, normally at least two electric griddles were going for pancakes, but that were also more people in the kitchen!” – Patrick

Blackstone Philly Cheesesteak

“Picture perfectly cooked beef, melted cheese, and savory caramelized onions, all expertly crafted on the Blackstone griddle. Elevate your sandwich game with a mouthwatering Blackstone Philly Cheesesteak!” – Julie

Blackstone Loaded Potato Chips

“These are very similar to an appetizer we get at one of our favorite restaurants. I wanted to recreate it at home for my husband, who absolutely loves them.” – Cheri

Hibachi Chicken & Vegetables

“This delicious dinner recipe cooks fast on a Blackstone griddle and disappears even faster! Hibachi chicken served with sautéed vegetables and my addictive Yum Yum sauce is every bit as flavorful as an expensive Japanese steakhouse meal!” – Sheila

Blackstone Smash Burgers

“Get ready for delicious, juicy smash burgers cooked to perfection on a Blackstone griddle. With mouthwatering flavors and irresistible caramelized crusts, this recipe will teach you how to make restaurant-quality smash burgers at home with just a few basic ingredients and about 15 minutes.” – Sabra

Crispy Blackstone Hash Browns

“We get so many questions about how to cook hash browns in our griddle group, I decided to write up our easy method in a post here on the site! Read on for the full rundown on how to make Crispy Blackstone Hashbrowns!” – Nicole

Griddle Beef Tacos

“Griddle beef tacos are tender flavorful ground beef layered on a bed of melted cheese with all the fixing for a good ole taco! These are grilled to perfection on a griddle right in your home! So you get chewy, a little crunchy, and oh so delicious ground beef tacos.” – Rachael

Blackstone Nachos Supreme

“Who doesn’t love nachos? Jazz up your nacho routine with these super-tasty Blackstone Nachos Supreme. Made effortlessly on your Blackstone Griddle, there’s nothing like this towering pile of crispy chips and delish toppings for your next snack attack.” – Sherry

Blackstone Cowboy Stir-Fry

“I don’t usually make recipes that require a super specialized piece of cooking equipment (except maybe slow cookers), but I am so in love with my Blackstone griddle, I can’t help it. For the most part the other things I have made thus far can be made on the stove top, however this Blackstone Cowboy Stir-Fry really does the need the wide open flat space of the griddle. It is a total game changer for making meals like this for the whole family at once. By the by – this is not an ad for Blackstone products at all – my hubs got me one for my birthday this year and I just love it so very much.” – Estelle

Blackstone Egg Roll In A Bowl

“I have wanted to try Blackstone Egg Roll In A Bowl for awhile, and now I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner! It’s basically everything in an egg roll, but not with the wonton and deep fried part.” – Cheri

Blackstone Steak & Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry

“Ooh child, I am so excited to finally share a Blackstone griddle recipe with you, and one that even has vegetables! This Blackstone Steak & Vegetable Noodle Stir Fry is one of my favorite newest recipes!” – Stef

Blackstone Potatoes

“Blackstone Potatoes are a fast and easy way to cook potatoes on the grill. With just a handful of ingredients, you’ll have a delicious side dish recipe ready to enjoy in no time at all. Perfect for a side dish or a simple hearty meal.” – Taryn

Blackstone Griddle Perfect Chicken Wings

“Per your request, we’ve started making a lot of recipes for Blackstone Griddle. This one is for Perfect Chicken Wings cooked on a Blackstone griddle.” – Sarah

Blackstone French Toast

“If you want to make breakfast on your Blackstone you need to make this Blackstone French Toast! Melt in your mouth french toast that’s cooked on your griddle until golden brown.” – Jason