Fun April Fools’ Day Food Ideas

Fun April Fools’ Day Food Ideas

April is almost here – have you come up with some fun April Fools’ Day food ideas to prank your family? Well, we’re here to help. These April Fools’ recipes bring a whole new meaning to playing with your food. From meatloaf cake to rice cereal treat fried chicken, these sneaky snacks are a delicious way to fool your family. Which one is your favorite?!

April Fools’ Day Dinner

“Brown rice cereal treats, dipped in dairy free white chocolate and coated with crushed gluten free pretzels, these chick’n nuggets looks so realistic, your family will freak when they figure out it’s actually dessert. And don’t forget the honey mustard dipping sauce (which was always my favorite at Red Robin, who’s with me?) All you need is dairy free vanilla yogurt with a little bit of turmeric powder and chia seeds.” – Cara

Easy April Fools’ Day Breakfast

“For the past couple of years I have done an April Fools’ Day Breakfast for the boys. It takes hardly any time to put together but they always think that it is SO funny and talk about it multiple times throughout the year. Kids love April Fools’ day jokes!” – Jenn

April Fools’ Meatloaf Cupcakes

“April Fools’ Meatloaf Cupcakes have been a yearly tradition in our house. Make our easy meatloaf cupcakes recipe that has a meatloaf cupcake and mashed potato buttercream.” – Courtney

Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes

“This April Fools’ Day dessert may have you doing a double take. I can’t help but giggle when I look at it. This dessert prank is not only sneaky its delicious! Vanilla bean cheesecake ‘mashed potatoes’ is layered with a brown butter cookie crumble, topped with brown butter caramel ‘gravy’ and sprinkled with sea salt and grated dark chocolate ‘pepper.’ Why not have mashed potatoes for dessert?” – Beth

Hilarious April Fools’ Day “Grilled Cheese” Sandwiches

“They look pretty normal, right? Well, actually they are not dinner at all! They are dessert! They are made of angel food cake loaf and cheese-colored buttercream frosting!” – Jennifer

April Fools’ Day Tacos

“Filled with a realistic taco meat that is actually quinoa, peanut butter, and chocolate; topped with a strawberry jicama salsa, dairy free whipped cream, basil lettuce, shredded coconut cheese; and black jelly bean olives; all held together with a baked Flatout wrap sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. This is every dessert and April Fools’ Day lover’s dream. Oh, and don’t forget to watch the video! At the end, I play a prank on my unsuspecting husband.” – Cara

Deviled Egg Cake Balls

“Deviled eggs have never been so sweet! These cute cake balls are perfect for Easter, BBQs, April Fools’ Day and more!” – Carlee

Meatloaf Cake

“Trick someone this April Fools’ day by making this brilliant meatloaf cake!” – Michelle

April Fools’ Pot Pie

“If you’re looking to earn fun mom points on April Fools’ Day here’s a great April Fools’ Day recipe for kids that is sure to be memorable! But this seemingly chicken pot pie recipe isn’t as it appears. Oh no, your kids won’t find chunks of chicken or sweet green peas on their fork. Instead, they’ll be dishing in banana pudding, bananas, and jolly ranchers!” – Jamerrill

April Fools’ Meatball Sub Sandwich

“I was trying to think of a prank I could pull on my son this year for April Fools’ Day, all I kept thinking about was something to do with fake food. Maybe I was hungry, who knows? My husband suggested that no bake cookies look a little like meatballs, and the idea for an April Fools’ fake food meatball sandwich was born.” – Linette

April Fools’ Day Spaghetti Cake

“Your family and friends will love this fun and yummy April Fools’ Day prank! It’s a cake that looks like a Spaghetti Dinner!!” – Lori

April Fools’ Day Meatloaf Dinner

“Olive and I had a blast making this April Fools’ Day dessert! Watch the video to see how we made this meatloaf dinner out of chocolate cake, strawberry jam, frosting, and caramel sauce.” – Amber

April Fools’ Pizza Bundt Cake

“The kids are starting to suspect everything on April Fools,’ so I pulled out all the stops (and even bought a bundt pan) to make this pizza bundt cake!” – Erin

Giant Sugar Cookie Pizza (Pepperoni Pizza Cookie)

“Make a sugar cookie pizza for a birthday! Sugar cookie with cheese and pepperoni made from frosting and fruit rolls! This cookie looks just like a pizza! This pizza cookie is such a fun one for kids to make.” – Brandy

KFC Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides…APRIL FOOLS!

“Your kids are going to get a huge kick out of our KFC April Fools’ idea and this fun dessert is very easy to make!” – Jill

Chocolate Easter Egg Candy Swap

“Play a sweet April Fools’ food joke on your family and friends. Swap pieces of chocolate filled Easter egg candy with colorful fruit instead.” – Ariella