13 Recipes To Make in Your Smoker This Summer

recipes to make in a smoker

Recently, smokers have risen in popularity. They are an investment, though. So if you own one, it’s worth using it as much as possible. We know it’s good for ribs and a pork roast, but you can light the smoker for other recipes too. From appetizers to the main meal, sides, and desserts, there’s a lot you can make in the smoker. Here are 13 smoker recipes to make this summer.

Easy Smoked Queso Dip Recipe

“One of our favorite snacks for any time of the year is queso. But not just any queso! Smoked Queso because it pulls in those delicious smoky flavors that take your dip to the next level and have everyone begging you for the recipe!” – Casey

Smoked Meatloaf

“It’s a fun twist on your traditional meatloaf recipe that will have you always making yours on your electric smoker! Once you try this you’ll never want it any other way. So simple and delicious. It’s a great easy, beginner recipe, but yet so flavorful that even the seasoned pro will love this!” – Jason & Julie

Smoked Sweet Barbecue Chicken Wings

“These smoked chicken wings are packed with tons of spices and smoky flavor, and when tossed in a sweet brown sugar barbecue wing sauce they are some next-level chicken wings.” – Sam

Smoked Armadillo Eggs

“If you love spicy, creamy, and salty recipes then these Smoked Armadillo Eggs are the perfect fun, meaty appetizer for you! Cooked low and slow these are a fun and easy recipe!” – Tornadough

Smoked Mac and Cheese

“Smoked Mac and Cheese is one the best sides you can make on your barbecue. This creamy, cheesy, classic comfort food is so much better after a couple of hours on the smoker. Whether you’re making a delicious family dinner or need to bring something for potluck, this smoky, creamy, cheesy pasta dish will be an instant hit.” – Lyuba

Brown Sugar Smoked Salmon

“You won’t believe how easy this Brown Sugar Smoked Salmon is! The smoked salmon rub is absolute perfection. It’s ready in less than two hours with just five simple ingredients for the spice rub!” – Michelle

Bacon Wrapped Smoked Corn on the Cob

“Bacon wrapped smoked corn on the cob is something the whole family will go crazy for! You won’t need to slather this corn in salt and butter because the bacon gives the corn the perfect salty taste paired with the amazing smoked flavor.” – Tony

Hickory Smoked Green Beans

“Cooked low and slow in the smoker with hickory wood and bacon, these beans have become a family favorite!” – Amanda

Smoked Apple Pie

“There are a lot of different ways to make this traditional dessert. Hopefully, I don’t step on Grandma’s toes when I say this recipe is the best Smoked Apple Pie Recipe you’ll find.” – Nick

Cheesy Smoked Potatoes

“Savory and delicious cheesy smoked potatoes – the perfect summer grilling side dish! Combine cubed potatoes with a creamy cheese and bacon mixture, then smoke directly on your pellet grill or smoker.” – Mike

Smoked Pulled Pork-Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt

“I think everything, literally everything, tastes better when cooked over smoke. But smoked pork shoulder or pork butt is my favorite thing to make. You can roast a huge pork shoulder, and have shredded pork for days! And it is good in everything.” – Rachel

Smoked Lobsters

“Smoked lobster tails are perfect for an outdoor BBQ and they are great served with some watermelon and corn on the cob!” – Jenna

Traeger Corn on the Cob

“This easy Traeger Corn on the Cob will leave you wondering why you ever cooked corn another way. The Traeger Veggie Rub is perfect on these, and the drizzle of salted butter at the end takes them all the way over the top. Make a grill-full of these for your next cookout, bbq, or potluck!” – Nicole