24 Gourmet Cheeseburger Recipes

Gourmet cheeseburger on a table

There are burgers, and then there are BURGERS. Warning, these cheeseburgers are going to make you drool. Not for the faint of heart, these gourmet cheeseburgers are cheesy, overloaded with mouth-watering toppings, and sandwiched between buttery perfect buns. Better yet – you can easily make them at home. From sweet and spicy to breakfast inspired to beyond cheese-tastic, we promise you’ll find your new favorite burger recipe!

Butter Burger Recipe

“Butter Burgers are amazingly delicious! These butter-soaked burgers are not for the health-conscious, but they are for anyone who enjoys REALLY GOOD FOOD. This Wisconsin Butter Burger recipe will have you drooling before you even bite into the juicy, cheesy, buttery goodness. And it wouldn’t be complete without a good dose of onion!” – Becky

Breakfast Burgers

“These breakfast burgers are made with ultra juicy beef burgers, stacked with the tastiest breakfast fillings and squished in a crispy toasted muffin!” – Chris

Bourbon Burgers

“Bourbon burgers are smothered with a slice of cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and bourbon-spiked barbecue sauce!” – Paula

Ultimate Southern Style Burgers

“The Ultimate Southern Style Burger recipe offers a unique Southern twist to a classic beef burger or homemade burger recipes and incorporates all things Southern, including melted savory pimento cheese, yummy fried green tomatoes, crispy and oh so crunchy onion rings, and tangy sweet and savory tomato jam.” – Sharon

Bacon and Cheese Corned Beef Burgers with Guinness Caramelized Onions and a Fried Egg

“These bacon and cheese corned beef burgers with guinness caramelized onions and a fried eggs are now my new number one burger! Yum!” – Kevin

Queso Burgers

“We had a little farewell BBQ right before I left North Carolina. I decided to make these amazing queso burgers. We love queso and we love burgers… queso+burgers= mind blown!” – Alyssa

Raspberry-Glazed Bacon & Brie Burger

“This Raspberry-glazed Bacon Brie Burger will get glowing reviews from your family and guests… just make sure that you leave yourself one to eat. This isn’t your typical bacon cheeseburger. Throw out that floppy, nuclear-orange, plastic-wrapped American “cheese”. Let’s cook a REAL bacon cheeseburger!” – Lauren

Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers

“Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers (Turkey or Beef) are so delicious and super easy to make! These burgers are made with favorites like cheese, mushrooms, onions and jalapeño to deliver a burger that is tender and juicy! Your family will go wild for these burgers!” – Holly

Swiss Pan Burgers with Rosemary-Mushroom Pan Sauce

“Swiss Pan Burgers with Rosemary-Mushroom Pan Sauce is an easy yet elegant 20 minute meal made in just one skillet.” – Kristin

Copycat Steak N’ Shake Garlic Cheeseburgers

“I seriously CRAVE these burgers. I knew I couldn’t keep driving across town every time I got a craving, so I set out to make my own version.” – Shari

Ultimate Homemade Burger

“The ultimate classic beef burger recipe! Perfectly seasoned juicy beef patties sandwich between two warm buns. Add whatever toppings you like, and omit whatever you don’t want. The BEST basic burger recipe!” – MinShien

‘Knock Your Socks Off’ Tailgate Burgers

“Get ready for game day with the best ever grilled burger recipe, these ‘Knock Your Socks Off’ Tailgate Burgers. Trust me, they’re gonna completely bowl you over with how amazing they are- appetizer, lunch, dinner- they’ll be the main event wherever they’re served.” – Meaghan

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger

“This Hawaiian Teriyaki Burger is a sweet, savory taste of the islands that is both flavorful and filling. Take a grilled burger and top it high with grilled pineapple, ham, and homemade teriyaki BBQ sauce, and you’ve got a juicy, delicious burger perfect for a summer BBQ!” – Susie

Ultimate Greek Burgers

“The amount of flavor these Greek Burgers pack is simply out of this world! Juicy, succulent and mega flavorful, these burgers are a total showstopper!” – Kimberly

Peach Glazed Blue Cheese Burgers topped with Honey Jalapeno Mayo

“A fruity glaze is a surprising addition to your favorite summer burger. Peach Glazed Blue Cheese Burgers topped with Honey Jalapeno Mayo are a tasty addition to your summertime cookout. Easy and over-the-top flavorful!” – Kellie

Homemade McDonald’s Big Mac Recipe

“A healthier recipe for McDonald’s Big Mac recipe that you can enjoy at home anytime you want – and that includes the sauce!!” – Andrea

Quesadilla Burger

“This is one amazing burger, a cheeseburger and a quesadilla in one. Juicy burger in between two cheese-covered, crispy flour tortillas topped with corn, tomatoes, fresh jalapeno peppers, avocado and chipotle mayo.” – Lyuba

Juicy Lucy Burger

“Famous Juicy Lucy burger of Twin Cities fame, cheese stuffed ground beef patty, with or without jalapeños, cooked on the stovetop or grill.” – Kelly

Skillet Burger with Caramelized Onions

“A delicious burger with crunchy crust, melted cheese, and caramelized onions is hard to resist. And lets not forget about the creamy chipotle mayo that will simply rock your world!” – Wendie

Chili Cheese Burger

“I knew the Chili Cheese Burger would be good, but I had no idea it’d be one of my favorites. The tomato, chili spices, and cheese all go together amazingly well as a burger. It’s really simple to make too, so you’ve gotta give this burger a try.” – Kyle

Grilled Reuben Burgers on Buttered Rye Toast

“Grilled Reuben Burgers smothered in sauerkraut, Havarti cheese, and Thousand Island dressing sandwiched between toasted buttery rye bread may be a little on the messy side but it’s on the most delicious side of messy!” – Shelby

Goat Cheese Guac Burgers with Cheddar and Caramelized Onions

“This might be the burger of my dreams. At least the burger of my dreams TODAY. You know in my basic brain my dreamy favorites change every few weeks. Errr, every few minutes?” – Jessica

Balsamic Burgers

“Balsamic Burgers are grilled to juicy perfection while basting with a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze, and topped with tasty tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, as well as creamy mozzarella cheese for an Italian inspired burger I could eat every day!” – Marion

Smoked Gouda Beer Burgers

“These Smoked Gouda Beer Burgers are perfect for summer grilling! Stuffed burgers with smoked gouda cheese, green onions, and your favorite beer.” – Jessie