12 Milkshake Recipes to Celebrate the End of Summer

Strawberry milkshake with whipped cream

What better way to cool down on a hot day than with a thick milkshake. The concept of a milkshake is simple. Mix ice cream and milk in a blender until creamy. But, they are so much more than that. Syrups can be added to adjust the flavors. These days, people are adding baked goods (like entire chocolate chip cookies and brownies) to their milkshakes. From classic to crazy (some call them freakshakes), these milkshake recipes are a fun way to celebrate the end of summer.

Classic Vanilla Milkshake

“This classic vanilla milkshake is one that we love because it’s so simple and always tastes excellent. Creamy and delicious, this vanilla milkshake is anything but basic!” – Shadi

The Best Orange Creamsicle Milkshake

“This Orange Creamsicle Milkshake is so seriously good that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!” – Lisa

Oreo Milkshake

“A super easy milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, milk, and Oreo cookies! This sweet treat is a hit with the whole family on a hot day!” – Nichole

Salted Caramel Milkshake

“This Salted Caramel Milkshake is made with creamy vanilla ice cream and homemade salted caramel sauce. Topped with fluffy whipped cream, extra salted caramel sauce, and toffee bits — this is the perfect chilly drink to indulge in this summer!” – Dedra

Monster Cookie Milkshake

“Don’t make just any milkshake. It’s worth the effort to create a MONSTER cookie milkshake!” – Nicole

Boozy Reese’s Puffs Cereal Milkshake

“Boozy Reese’s Puffs Cereal Milkshake will make your childhood cereal wishes come true in an oh-so grown-up way! Using homemade Reese’s Puffs cereal milk, extra peanut butter, ice cream and vodka, this boozy milkshake is just the decadent treat to make every Friday night stand out.” – Meghan

Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster Milkshake

“Invite four of your BFF’s over and make this over-the-top Chocolate Peanut Butter Monster Milkshake for all of you to enjoy! It’s a special treat made to be shared with good friends and lots of laughs.” – Karyn

The Ultimate Brownie Milkshake

“The Ultimate Brownie Milkshake is an extremely decadent dessert and a satisfying milkshake all in one! Loaded with brownies, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and more, this is one outrageously delicious recipe.” – Kevin & Amanda

Chocolate Nesquik Milkshake

“Deliciously thick and creamy milkshake made from vanilla ice cream and chocolate Nesquik powder. Top with whipped cream for a totally indulgent drink!” – Marsha

Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake

“This awesome Funfetti Cake Batter Milkshake is super easy to make and is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day! It comes together in just minutes, and with the addition of the colorful sprinkles, it would be a fantastic treat for a birthday party, too! Toppings are always essential for the perfect milkshake. Plenty of whipped cream, more colorful sprinkles, and it wouldn’t be a milkshake without a cherry on top!” – Kristyn

Triple Chocolate Milkshakes for Chocoholics

“These Triple Chocolate Milkshakes are just what your chocoholic sweet tooth is craving! Chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup – YUM!” – Karyn

Strawberry Milkshake

“Is there anything better than a strawberry milkshake? Cold, creamy, so thick that your straw stands straight up, and filled with juicy berries. Nothing quite hits the spot like an old-fashioned strawberry shake.” – Fiona