Pinterest-Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

When you think St. Patrick’s Day recipes, corned beef, cabbage, and Guinness come to mind. Irish-themed desserts aren’t always front and center, but we think they should be. From Leprechaun Bark to Irish Potato Candy and Green Velvet Cupcakes, we’ve found 13 Pinterest-perfect desserts will guarantee everyone has a festive St. Patrick’s Day.

The Best Leprechaun Bark Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

“It’s nearly time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! My kids love all kinds of Leprechaun fun so I’m always looking for creative crafts, treats, and tricks to share in March. I adore this easy to make sweet treat.” – Colleen

Irish Potato Candy

“This Irish Potato Candy is perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with! Made with butter, coconut, cream cheese, sugar, and cinnamon and they look like baby potatoes!” – Rebecca

Baileys Irish Cream Dip

“Easy, boozy dessert for St. Patrick’s Day or any adult party. Baileys Irish Cream Dip is a festive and sweet dip your guests will go crazy over!” – Darlene

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Cookies

“We love these St Patricks Day Mint Cookies with adorable M&M shamrocks on top! Mint and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations. These are an easy St. Patrick’s Day treat for a class party or a sweet festive treat!” – Jill

Mint Oreo Cookie Bark

“Looking for a fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day inspired dessert? Maybe something no-bake? Check out this adorable Mint Oreo Cookie Bark made with crumbled cool mint Oreo’s and white chocolate sprinkled over with cute little shamrocks. These are amazingly delicious, my family literally devoured the entire batch after dinner and now they have been asking for more ever since!” – Elizabeth

Easy St Patrick’s Day Crinkle Cookie Recipe

“This Easy St Patrick’s Day Crinkle Cookie Recipe is a great baking recipe to do with kids! The St. Paddy’s Day Cookies are made using a cake mix cookie recipe so they couldn’t be easier to make.” – Jamie

Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake

“This Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake here is your typical red velvet cake made with green food color instead of red. So if you’re a red velvet fan, you’ll like this green velvet version just as much. This cake is made up of two layers of green velvet cake with a layer of cheesecake in the middle. It’s covered with a marshmallow cream cheese frosting.” – Lori

Green Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

“You must make these cupcakes even if you don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They are SO good. The cake is great, but the frosting really puts these cupcakes over the top. I loved the green color. They are so cute and festive!” – Stephanie

Irish Whiskey Blondies

“I love St. Patrick’s day for a couple of reasons. One being that I’ve got some Irish blood in me. Another being that it’s my dad’s birthday. And of course… who doesn’t love an excuse to drink and pinch people? Don’t worry, there’s no green beer here. Instead, I opted to start off with these lightened up Irish Whiskey Blondies. I based these blondies over some that I made a good while back now. And yes, there is actually whiskey baked right into these blondies. Enough to give the flavor and just a little kick.” – Amanda

Irish Car Bomb Brownies

“Guinness Stout Chocolate Brownies, Jameson Ganache and Baileys Buttercream frosting are what these Irish Car Bomb Brownies are made of! Decadently sweet, these brownies will satisfy any sweet tooth, even those who aren’t lucky enough to be Irish!” – Megan

Baileys & Coffee Blondies

“These utterly decadent blondies are a new take on Baileys and Coffee. Espresso flavors the rich, caramel-y base; Irish Cream spiked icing takes them over the top.” – Kare