10 Thanksgiving Gravy Recipes

Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without gravy. While it’s easy (and tasty) to open a jar and heat in the microwave, there’s nothing better than homemade during the holidays. Whether looking for traditional turkey, giblet, vegetarian, make-ahead or a Keto version, we’ve found homemade gravy recipes for your gravy boat.

Make-Ahead Turkey Gravy

“Turkey gravy is definitely a big thing at our Thanksgiving dinner, and not something to rush. Its the perfect side dish to make ahead, to ensure it comes out perfect and one less thing you need to do before feasting! Now you can grab a cocktail while the turkey is resting and the other side dishes are warming in the oven.” – Wendie

The Best Turkey Gravy Recipe

“Silky smooth and perfectly rich, this really is the BEST Turkey Gravy recipe around! There’s nothing better than topping creamy mashed potatoes with the most amazing turkey gravy and this recipe delivers – every single time.” – Trish

Turkey Gravy Recipe (Without Drippings)

“This is hands down the best turkey gravy recipe ever! You can make turkey gravy with or without drippings in just a few minutes and say goodbye to store-bought gravy.” – Shadi

Easy Paleo Gravy

“This easy paleo gravy recipe delivers that traditional gravy flavor without gluten, grains, or flour of any kind—and it’s keto, low carb, and Whole30 compliant!” – Lisa

The Best Vegetarian Gravy

“The best vegetarian gravy recipe with fresh mushrooms, garlic, and onion. So packed full of flavor and simple to make, everyone will love it!” – Joy

Perfect Turkey Giblet Gravy

“There’s nothing better than perfect turkey gravy to go with your perfect turkey, except maybe Perfect Turkey Giblet Gravy! Including giblets to turkey gravy adds another dimension of flavor, with bits of turkey meat from the neck of the turkey and small chunks of giblets.” – Carole

Keto Gravy Recipe for Roasted Meats

“A keto gravy recipe using alternative low carb thickeners. Although coconut flour and almond flour may work, there are much better choices for a flourless gravy.” – Lisa

Easy Southern Homemade Turkey Gravy

“It’s all about the gravy on Thanksgiving, and this easy and delicious Southern Homemade Turkey Gravy recipe is foolproof. This make-ahead gravy recipe is also a perfect base for giblet gravy, and you can substitute chicken stock for turkey stock to make chicken gravy.” – Sharon

Gluten Free Gravy

“The BEST Gluten Free Gravy for your holiday dinners. Pour it over Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or your Sunday roast.” – Regina

Easy Roasted Garlic Gravy Recipe

“This easy Roasted Garlic Gravy is your new go-to gravy recipe that goes perfectly with mashed potatoes, turkey, chicken, pork, and beef. It’s so versatile that it’s also the perfect gravy for Thanksgiving and Christmas regardless of what meat or vegetable dish your serving.” – Matt