42 Jalapeno Recipes You’ll Get a Kick Out Of

What do nosy peppers do? They be jalapeño business! Okay – all jokes aside, these jalapeño recipes are some of our favorites. We just love the kick of spice and flavor of jalapeños, so adding them to recipes is a no-brainer. Check out these 42 (yes 42!) jalapeño recipes you’ll be drooling for!

Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese

“The BEST Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese you’ll ever try! Extra creamy, loaded with bacon, cream cheese, jalapeños, and kicked up a notch with TABASCO® Sauce, this delicious and easy mac and cheese is sure to be a new favorite!” – Trish

Jalapeño Bottle Caps

“Make your own crispy, crunchy, restaurant style battered and fried jalapeno bottle caps (fried jalapeno pepper slices) at home. Here is the recipe. Spicy and delicious, they are the perfect appetizer or snack.” – Mike

Strawberry Jalapeño Jam – The Best Jam You Ever Tasted!

“You’ll decide very quickly that this Strawberry Jalapeño Jam is the best jam you have ever tasted. Seriously. Don’t let the word jalapeño scare you. This jam is all flavor and zero heat. (I say this as a complete ‘heat wimp.’)” – Constance

Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread

“This crazy good Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread gets its rock star status from two classic mix-ins: ooey gooey cheddar cheese and fiery jalapeño. The result is a kiss of heat blanketed by cheesy cornbread goodness.” – Jenn

Jalapeño Popper Sloppy Joes

“Jalapeno Popper Sloppy Joes are the PERFECT combo of spicy and cheesy just like a jalapeno popper, and ready in under 30 minutes! Jalapeno poppers are a guilty pleasure of mine so it makes total sense that the Ultimate Sloppy Joes would take a familiar turn.” – Sabrina

Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeño Dip

“Chuy’s Creamy Jalapeno Dip will make you feel like you’re at the restaurant! This bold and flavorful dip has a few simple ingredients, and I’ve included a couple of easy swaps to lighten it up. This dip gets even better as it rests, and you’ll want to drizzle, dip and dunk it with everything!” – Karyl

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese

“Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese is a delectable combination of baked cream cheese filled jalapenos, gooey cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese, and crispy bacon. It is sandwiched between two slices of thick hearty white bread and grilled to perfection.” – Beth

Quick 10 Minute Pickled Jalapeños

“Can you believe these crunchy, tangy, and sweet pickled jalapenos are ready in under 10 minutes?! After trying this quick pickled jalapeno recipe, I promise you will never go back to jarred jalapenos again. This recipe seriously could not be easier and is well worth the time.” – Layla

Jalapeño Popper Burger Sliders

“Today we are making a delicious Jalapeño Poppers Burger Sliders recipe. These are perfect for game time, family gatherings and more! If you love burgers and jalapeños, this combination will be a hit! The cream cheese and peppers create a topping that will have guests coming back for seconds!” – Carrie

Jalapeño Cheddar Quick Bread

“Have this Jalapeño Cheddar Quick Bread on your table in about 1 hour! No kneading and no rising. Simple and delicious! Delicious alongside soups, stews or casseroles.” – Jo-Anna

Jalapeño Chicken

“This quick and easy jalapeno chicken recipe requires simple ingredients and is ready in 30 minutes. It’s rich and creamy and inspired by Asian flavors.” – Abeer

Roasted Jalapeño Poppers

“This jalapeno poppers recipe features three cheeses, a variety of spices, and then the jalapeno poppers are baked, not fried, for a lighter, easy party or game day appetizer.” – Chrissie

Avocado Tacos with Jalapeño Mayo Sauce

“They were bomb, they were awesome. I served them with some delicious pico de Gallo! I do love pico de Gallo, although my favorite salsa has got to be Mango!” – Camila

Mango Jalapeño Margarita

“Sweet with a twist of spiciness is what makes this margarita the star of any party. The combination of mango, jalapeno and tequila add just the right kick to put you in a merry mood.” – Molly

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Shrimp with Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce

“Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Shrimp with Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce full of flavor, sitting on the tongue with an exciting contrast of hot and sweet and savory.” – Nicole

Jalapeño Popper Dip

“Boost your dip game with this incredible spicy and creamy Jalapeno Popper Dip! Get all the flavors of the popular appetizer in a quick and easy dip!” – Kristin

Candied Jalapeños (Cowbowy Candy)

“Serve it as an appetizer with cheese and crackers or with hamburgers or sandwiches. Sprinkle some on top of pasta or pizza or nachos. In other words, eat these on everything. This recipe will give you quite a bit of extra syrup. Don’t throw it out! I separated it into four storage bags and froze it to use as a meat marinade down the road.” – Angela

No Knead Jalapeños Cheese Artisan Bread

“This Easy No Knead Jalapeno Cheese Artisan Bread is the BEST savoury bread for sandwiches! It’s packed with spicy pickled jalapeños and real cheddar cheese, and it’s SO easy to make!” – Chrissie

Jalapeño Popper Cheese Ball

“A Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball is the perfect party appetizer! It’s creamy with a little kick and crunch, and it’s majorly delicious and super easy to make!” – Allyson

Turkey Mango Jalapeño Sliders

“They are your classic turkey burger all jazzed up for summer with a kick of heat from the jalapeños that is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the mango.” – Laura

Spicy Jalapeño Margarita

“A spicy spin on the classic margarita made with elderflower, honey, and fresh jalepeño. Fire up a round of spicy jalapeno margaritas! If you’re a tequila lover and you like spicy food—then this spicy margarita recipe will not disappoint.” – Shawn

Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole

“So quick and easy. Everyone will love this delicious chicken casserole recipe! Shredded chicken, stuffed with Jalapeño peppers, heavy cream, and cream cheese, topped with cheddar, savory bacon, and ready to eat in 30mn.” – Christina

Peach Jalapeño Jam

“Well I am and this Peach Jalapeno Jam is delightful, sweet and spicy at the same time. This is sure to become a new family favorite recipe. I can’t wait to make fried chicken and biscuits to spread this jam on. It would also be great as an appetizer over brie or cream cheese with crackers.” – Mary

Steak Enchiladas with Jalapeño Cilantro Cream Sauce

“Amazing creamy steak enchiladas dinner will make a perfect weekend dinner in about 40 minutes. Steak Enchiladas made with thinly sliced steak, sauteed with onions and peppers, and topped with delicious jalapeno cilantro cream sauce and lots of cheese!” – Lyuba

Chicken Jalapeño Popper Stuffed Shells

“These chicken jalapeño popper stuffed shells are a crave-able dinner perfect for busy weeknights! Make a double batch and freeze half for later!” – Aubrey

Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers (Turkey or Beef)

“These burgers are made with favorites like cheese, mushrooms, onions and jalapeño to deliver a burger that is tender and juicy!” – Holly

Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels

“An easy recipe for Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels filled with cheese, diced jalapeños, and crumbled bacon. Perfect for a snack, lunch or appetizer!” – Jenn

Crispy Fried Jalapeños

“Crispy Fried Jalapeños are the perfect party appetizer! Deep Fried in a beer batter and dipped in any number of savory sauces, these little bite-sized treats are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Make sure to try our homemade ranch dressing or homemade jalapeño ranch for dipping!” – Amanda

Spicy Chicken Lime Jalapeño Soup

“This is not only the perfect solution for healthy weeknight dinners (and I like to pack extras to take to the office for lunch)it has also been quite popular for Sunday football as well! This is another VERY popular recipe from the archives here on the blog, so I wanted to make a video of it to jog your memory on what an awesome recipe it is, and how easy it is to pull together!” – Heather

Jalapeño Popper Corn Fritters

“Crispy golden brown sweet corn fritters with all of the flavours of jalapeno poppers including jalapenos, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon.” – Kevin

Slow Cooker Strawberry Jalapeño BBQ Meatballs

“Slow Cooker Strawberry Jalapeño BBQ Meatballs cooked in the crock pot with Jalapeno Pepper Jelly, Strawberry Jam and BBQ sauce to create a rich and tasty appetizer perfect for any party!” – Nikki

Bacon Jalapeño Popper Egg Rolls

“Recreating that combo into an egg roll seemed like a perfectly great idea, and why not add bacon into the mix as well, right?! I mean, bacon makes everything better!” – Cheri

Homemade Jalapeño Salt

“This homemade jalapeño salt recipe is easy to make. It is incredible on everything from salads, vegetables, baked potatoes, meat, pasta, and popcorn!!” – Katie

Sweet Jalapeño Pineapple Boneless Wings

“The sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. And the pineapple and jalapeno are a match made in heaven.” – Danelle

Jalapeño Popper Guacamole

“Jalapeno Popper Guacamole is so creamy with salty pieces of bacon, a little cheddar cheese, and a diced jalapeno for some heat. Served with tortilla chips, this guacamole is the perfect appetizer for game day or a Cinco de Mayo party.” – Christin

Jalapeño Bloody Mary

“Say hello to the best sweet and spicy Bloody Mary.” – Tieghan

Slow-Cooker Blackberry and Jalapeño Chicken Sandwiches

“In our house, messy slow-cooked sandwiches reign supreme, and I think this Blackberry Jalapeno version might be my favorite riff yet. Boneless, skinless chicken thighs are covered in a mixture of sliced jalapenos, blackberry preserves, molasses, ketchup and garlic for a unique spin on a classic barbecue chicken sandwich.” – Nicole

Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese

“Freshly back from my latest trip to Mexico, Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese is on my mind. I absolutely love melding the delightful flavors of Mexico with traditional American comfort foods. And really, who doesn’t enjoy a warm, scrumptious bowl of savory macaroni and cheese made from scratch? So put away that box of mac and cheese and get ready to create your own homemade version. It’s 100 times better than the boxed stuff!” – Denay

Easy Baked Jalapeño Cheese Crisps

“Cheese crisps are a fantastic appetizer or snack! Low carb, gluten free cheese crisps with a Tex Mex, jalapeno flare. These healthier baked crisps are simple to make with minimal ingredients. Can be made mild or super spicy. You choose!” – Lindsay

Jalapeño Cheddar Meatloaf

“Jalapeno Cheddar Meatloaf Recipe takes a basic old-fashioned comfort food recipe and adds the slight heat of jalapenos with a touch of sweet. To accent, it is topped with some chopped cilantro, making the perfect final touch. I made this recipe to fit my favorite sweet/heat flavor profile and I’m extremely happy with the results!” – Shelby

One Pan Cheesy Jalapeño Chicken

“If you’re looking for your next favorite weeknight meal… look no further than this easy one pan cheesy jalapeño chicken! 20 minutes, plenty of gooey cheese, spiced and savory chicken with little bursts of heat from the jalapeños…it’s the perfect easy one pan meal!” – Amanda

Jalapeño Popper Wonton Cups

“These Jalapeño Popper Wonton Cups are loaded with bacon, cream cheese, jalapeños and cheddar. It is everything you love about poppers in a crunchy wonton! It is the perfect appetizer for a party or the big game!” – Mirlandra