15 Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts Recipes to Make Dinner Prep Easy

What's the easiest way to quickly prepare a healthy dinner? Make everything on a sheet pan! And what vegetable only gets tastier when roasted? Brussels sprouts! Random fact... did you know they were named after Brussels, Belgium? It's believed these mini cabbages were widely grown in the 16th century.

Recently Brussels sprouts recipes have enjoyed a boost in popularity. Loaded with Vitamins C and K, folate and fiber, they are a great addition to a meal. This week, add them to your grocery list and make sure to try one of these Brussels sprouts sheet pan recipes.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic

"Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic is such a simple sheet pan side that cooks up in 30-45 minutes and makes a great green vegetable for meal prep." - Courtney, Chris, and Kay

Roasted Brussels Shrimp & Brussels Sprouts

"After they come out of the oven, I like to give them a dusting of Parmesan cheese, squeeze some lemon juice over them and serve with rice. This is one of my favorite weeknight dinners because it is so fast, healthy and delicious." - Meghan

Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin With Maple Rosemary Brussels Sprouts

"My goal today is to share a recipe with few ingredients that is very simple to make. This Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin is an easy dinner recipe for you to try." - Lori

Sheet Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chicken

"Tender chicken, perfectly roasted Brussels sprouts, all cooked on a single sheet pan." - Rachael

Sheet Pan Balsamic Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

"Dive into this 15-minute, protein-packed sheet pan meal! Sheet pan balsamic salmon and Brussels sprouts is fast, simple, delicious, and incredibly healthy." - Ally

Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake

"The idea of cooking a huge, well-balanced breakfast for your family first thing on a weekend morning can be daunting. Quite frankly, I have no interest in the pile of dirty pans that will inevitably accumulate from cooking a big breakfast (one for the eggs, one for the potatoes, one for the bacon, etc.). Yeah, no thanks. I’d much rather spend that time enjoying my time off, so today I’m sharing one of the ways I cut my time spent in the kitchen and make my life (and now yours) just a little bit easier. Ladies and gents, I give you my Sheet Pan Breakfast Bake, which just so happens to also be Whole30 compliant." - Krista

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Maple Glazed Pecans and Bacon

"The sprouts were crunchy and tender, the bacon was salty, the syrup added a delicious sweetness, and the pecans gave it the perfect hint of nuttiness." - Nicole

Sheet Pan Honey Balsamic Pomegranate Chicken Brussels Sprouts

"Today’s meal is perfect for those of you that are celebrating the holiday as a family or those of you who don’t want a fussy meal. Shoot, it’s even perfect for those of you who aren’t celebrating at all and simply want a delicious meal that’s easy on the eyes… ANY day of the week." - Cheyanne

Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli

"Today’s recipe is Sheet Pan Brussels Sprouts & Broccoli. These little green wonders are halved so you can get plenty of crispiness on the sides. There’s turkey bacon in there too. Oh and some balsamic vinegar for a little flavor punch." - Christina

Lemon Garlic Roasted Brussels Sprouts

"Lemon garlic roasted Brussels sprouts are an easy and yummy side dish that will have you wanting to eat your greens!" - Marjorie

Healthy Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Breast With Brussels Sprouts

"This Honey Mustard Baked Chicken is easy to make and beyond flavorful. I paired it with Brussels sprouts because it seemed to go well together." - Tammy

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Apples and Bacon

"My kids happily eat Brussels sprouts when they are served this way and everyone else that has ever tried this in my home has raved about it. This is one of my all-time favorite side dishes." - Mary

Sheet Pan Rosemary Garlic Brussels Sprouts

"These perfectly roasted sheet pan rosemary garlic Brussels sprouts are easy and quick to make. They’re an amazing side dish to add to your table." - Joyce

Miso Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts

"This healthy recipe is a cinch to make. Just roast the sprouts on a sheet pan, drizzle with miso maple dressing, and you’re done!" - Katie

London Broil With Toasted Coconut Brussels Sprouts

"An easy yet elegant meal the entire family will love. This sheet pan meal uses london broil for an affordable steak dinner!" - Cristina

Sue Mobley - Apr 14, 2019
Sorry- yuk! Love-LOVE Brussel Sprouts! But I would be hesitant to even taste these combinations. I really like the flavor of the sprouts, all by themselves. Fish-garlic-Kielbasa-mustard chicken-coconut, all flavorful to be sure and tasty---by themselves. But I like Brussel Sprouts because they are BRUSSEL SPROUTS! Not a vehicle to be covered with other flavors/textures. If you have a hard time with the flavor or the texture of crispy, oven-roasted Brussel Sprouts, by all means, try these combos. As for myself, salt, pepper, butter is enough. Let Mother Nature shine!
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Zucchini Pesto

Heather Chrane-Dejarnett @momajno

I serve this hot or cold with several variations. It's a great meatless meal that even satisfies my carnivore husband.

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