15 Healthy Fall Recipes

Once the cool weather hits, we’re craving those comfort foods. However, this often leads to expanding waistbands to get our fix. Oops…

But we’re here to rescue you! These healthy fall recipes are rocking with all your favorite fall flavors, but without the crazy calories. They may be hearty, but they are healthy too! You (and your pants) can thank us later!

The Best Healthy Turkey Chili

“Healthy turkey chili made with lean ground turkey, kidney beans and corn. This version is simply the BEST! Can be made on the stovetop or in your slow cooker.” – Monique

Autumn Arugala Salad with Caramelized Squash and Pomegranate Ginger Vinaigrette

“This salad is practically a big, fat copout – it’s quite similar to my autumn panzanella from a few years ago, but a few quick changes make it diverse enough for me. You can really throw it together in less than 20 minutes or so, but it definitely constitutes and entire meal. The squash just MAKES it.” – Jessica

Chicken Broccoli and Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Dinner

“Easy dinners like so were made for busy weeknight meals! This Chicken, Broccoli and Sweet Potato Sheet Pan Dinner will quickly become a new fall fav! It’s so easy to make, clean up is a breeze and your whole family will love it! And let me just add, serving it with a glass of good apple cider is a must (like the kind you get in the produce section in a gallon jug or better yet from a local farm).” – Jaclyn

Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

“Today’s Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup is a health-ified version of a heavier cream-based soup. I haven’t removed the essential elements that make it special such as tender chicken, hearty cheese tortellini, and even a little cream. I’ve just reduced certain ingredients, so you can feel good about serving this Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup to your family. And maybe even having seconds.” – Sommer

Sweet Potato and Sausage Quinoa Bake

“I love the flavor combinations of this Sweet Potato and Sausage Quinoa Bake (the gruyere cheese is so good) and how easy it is to make.” – Alyssa

Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Boats with Chicken

“Learn how to cook spaghetti squash in the oven with these easy Spinach Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Boats with Chicken. This healthy stuffed spaghetti squash recipe is a keto, low-carb, and gluten-free dinner recipe for those busy weeknights.” – London

Whole30 Zoodle Minestrone Soup

“An easy, healthy, veggie-packed soup made in under 40 minutes. This Whole30 zoodle minestrone soup is the perfect fall and winter comfort food. Make it, eat it, or freeze it! Comfort in a bowl has never tasted so good.” – Chrissa

One Pan Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

“These pork chops have everything you love about a comforting Fall dish… mouthwatering, well balanced flavors, is healthy yet hearty, and is made in just ONE pan in 30 minutes!” – Amanda

Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos with Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

“The perfect tailgating appetizer! Great for a crowd of hungry people or just a family of nacho lovers. Piled high with black beans, corn, my Slow Cooker Mexican Style Shredded Chicken, and drizzled with plain greek yogurt and my Greek Yogurt Spinach Guacamole atop hearty, crispy homemade sweet potato chips.” – Samantha

Cranberry Wild Rice Stuffed Squash

“Winter squashes come in all shapes and sizes with a hard outer rind and a sweet yellow to orange colored flesh. Their hard protective skins are difficult to pierce but it gives them a long shelf life. They are not only delicious but also an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene) and a good source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and manganese.” – Linda

Skinny Lasagna Rolls

“So, why not to light up your comforting food recipes? This is what I did with this healthy, light, and skinny lasagna rolls. If comforting food can be healthy if you use the right ingredients. You don’t need to use the high fat and lots of carbs products there are out there.” – Olivia

Harvest Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and Sautéed Apples

“It features all of my favorite fall ingredients—sweet potatoes, apples, Brussels sprouts, and a touch of cinnamon—along with one of my favorite year-round ingredients, BACON. I love that it’s made in single pan, is healthy and filling, and reheats well too.” – Erin

Harvest Roasted Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad

“The BEST Roasted Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad with a secret creamy element and surprise spice that makes this salad dish pop with flavor. This Quinoa Salad is a rock star gluten free vegetarian recipe you need on your table this fall.” – Krista

Healthy Baked Chicken Parmesan

“Thin chicken cutlets dredged in tasty breadcrumbs, smothered in sauce and cheese, and baked to perfection. This is the most delicious healthy chicken parmesan recipe.” – Tammy

Apple, Mushroom and Sausage Stuffed Acorn Squash

“ozy, comforting and healthy apple, mushroom and sausage stuffed acorn squash covered in melted, bubbly and brown cheese is a perfect fall weeknight meal.” – Amanda