New Just A Pinch Recipe Box Widget

One of the best things about (besides the amazing recipes from home cooks) is the Recipe Box. Members can not only Pinch (save) their favorite recipes from Just A Pinch in one location, but they can also save recipes from other websites too. Today, Just A Pinch has launched the Recipe Box Widget making it easier to save and access recipes than ever before.

Our Recipe Box Widget is now on EVERY page of Just A Pinch on the left side of the screen for quick access.

Easily toggle the recipe box tab if you want it out of the way or bring the tab back out into view by clicking the arrow.

A heart will appear on the widget tab when a savable recipe is on a page. Click the heart and it will be added to your Recipe Box. It's that simple!

Want to quickly access that recipe? Not a problem. Just click on the recipe box icon and your most recent 200 saved recipes will appear.

Need to find a recipe recently saved recipe by name or from a specific website? Simply enter text in the search box.

Create collections (folders), manage recipes, and find more tools by clicking the menu bar on top of widget.

Looking for a recipe but can't find it in the widget? You can still use “My Recipe Box” on the website or click “My Recipes” in the link at the bottom of the recipe box widget menu.

Food bloggers are starting to implement the Recipe Box Widget on their sites, too! Currently, Southern Bite, Southern Plate, Melissa's Southern Style Kitchen and Closet Cooking use the widget (so check out their yummy recipes!) with more bloggers to come. If you're on a website that does not currently have the Recipe Box Widget, the current Pinch It plug-in/bookmarklet still works and you can find that here.

As long as you are logged into your Just A Pinch account, the Recipe Box Widget is ready to use. Don't have an account? Quickly sign-up using your email address, Facebook or Google account. Then you'll also have our featured recipes and fun food finds delivered to your inbox daily.

Still have questions? These Frequently Asked Questions may answer them or email

Kitchen Crew - Sep 13, 2018
Hey KB - thanks for the feedback. We promise that all your favorite functionality of saving a recipe is there, plus a little bit more! Our goal is to give all our home cooks an easy and mobile friendly way to access and save any recipe that tickles their tastebuds, and we're hoping this new recipe box feature does just that! Please feel free to shoot us an email at and we can discuss any questions you have.

Happy Pinching :)
KB Edwards - Sep 12, 2018
Not a fan. It takes two more steps to organize and save a recipe to a folder. Please go back to the previous app.
Bonnie ^O^ . - Sep 12, 2018
Andy, my dream is to someday get out of the!
Melanie B - Sep 12, 2018
Interesting. I was wondering what it was.
Andy Anderson ! - Sep 12, 2018
Works great on my desktop. I seldom, if ever, use my iPhone for Just-a-Pinch.
Bonnie ^O^ . - Sep 11, 2018
Slightly annoying on my phone, but it would probably be great on the laptop or desktop computer.
Linda Hall - Sep 11, 2018
Yeah that’s really cool! I have a heck of a time getting to my recipe box sometimes. I always forget where it is. To all of those laughing about that...I’m old(er) I’m allowed to forget.
Johnny CooksStuff - Sep 11, 2018
Love this feature!