11 Homemade Shepherd’s Pie Recipes

There’s nothing like classic shepherd’s pie for dinner. Typically made with minced meat, gravy, vegetables, and topped with mashed potatoes, this hearty recipe has been a go-to comfort meal since the 1870s. The traditional shepherd’s pie recipe is made with lamb (thus the name ‘shepherd’s pie’), if it’s made with beef it is called cottage pie. While we love cottage pie, there’s just something about traditional shepherd’s pie that can’t be beat. Check out these shepherd’s pie recipes that have us drooling.

Skillet Shepherd’s Pie

“This Skillet Shepherd’s Pie is loaded with flavorful beef and veggies then topped with fluffy and creamy mashed potatoes, then baked to perfection!” – Joanna

Shepherd’s Pie

“Oh, my gosh, this is the BEST Shepherd’s Pie EVER!!!! No kidding. You won’t believe how wonderful this main dish is, or how succulent and delectable every bite is. I could have eaten the whole casserole by myself. Really. It’s that good.” – Teresa

Guinness Shepherd’s Pie

“Made this for St. Patrick’s Day dinner, and it was fantastic!! I loved the way the Guinness finished the gravy so nicely.” – Jerry

Traditional Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

“Now I say this a lot – but it should be said again – the best part about cooking from scratch is you can PERSONALIZE your food! So while this is a great guide for a classic shepherds pie you can, of course, change it up a bit!” – Ashlee

Shepherd’s Pie Soup

“This Shepherd’s Pie Soup has lean ground beef or lamb, veggies and seasonings simmered in a delicious beef stock. Once bubbly and thickened, we top this soup with buttery and crispy potato puffs to give you a slurpable version of this family favorite.” – Holly

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

“Easy Shepherd’s Pie proves that comfort food can be fast and delicious. When you see how to make shepherd’s pie, you’ll realize you can make this gluten-free casserole recipe, even on a busy weeknight. So I hope you will add this easy shepherd’s pie recipe to your dinner menu.” – Brianne

Mini Shepherd’s Pie Bites

“We’ve taken our favorite Cheddar Topped Shepherd’s Pie recipe and transformed it into bite-sized goodies that are sure to be a hit with your game-day guests!” – Martha

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

“The childhood tastes of home and Shepherd’s Pie, combines with a tasty burst of Thanksgiving dinner. Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie is your new dinner go to. Filling, easy, delicious and fast, makes for a perfect meal.” – Steph

Classic Shepherd’s Pie with Lamb

“Full of tender lamb bathing in deep, rich red wine gravy with leeks, carrots and celery then blanketed in creamy, cheesy potatoes.” – Kim

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

“This vegan shepherd’s pie is what (dinner) dreams are made of! Jaye was the one who conceived of it (he’s great with the savory stuff!) and he wanted to experiment with chopping up mushrooms super fine and putting them in with the veggie mince to create a really hearty texture. And oh wow it worked fabulously!” – Alison

Instant Pot Shepherd’s Pie

“Shepherd’s Pie is a perfect comfort food that can last a few days! But, let’s be honest. Sometimes it takes just too long to make! With the holidays, we tend to be so much busier than normal, which makes life a little more hectic. The best part of this recipe is how fast it can be made. Say goodbye to long recipes and hello to delicious!” – Laura