Tips for Bringing Food to the Beach

Heading to the beach for the weekend? There is arguably no better place to be in the summer than on the beach. The warm sun mixing with the cool ocean breeze is unbeatable. That is until you open your cooler and realize everything has melted and sand is everywhere. At that point, it’s still one of the best places to be, just maybe not your favorite at that moment. With a little planning, though, you can prevent that catastrophe and spend all day there and keep your tummy full.

So what do you need for a day at the beach? First thing is first, check out the beach rules. Most places have rules about what you can bring, like no glass containers (follow the rules so you don’t get fined or kicked off the beach). Once you’ve got that under control, you’ll need the right gear.

You’ll want to make sure you have the following:

1. A well-insulated cooler.
Something that keeps the cool in and the sand/heat out. Just because last year’s version worked well doesn’t mean it will make it through another summer so check out what you have before you fill it up. The best options are the ones that are designed for outdoor use.

2. Ice packs and frozen drinks.
Freeze juice and water ahead of time. This way it serves two purposes. It keeps food cold while it defrosts and then you can drink it. Ice packs are preferred over ice because you can control the mess a lot more.

3. Plastic resealable baggies.
Plastic baggies do the best job at keeping the sand out of food and not taking up too much space in the cooler. They work great to keep cell phones free of sand too.

4. Paper towel roll.
The beach is windy, eliminate the possibility of your napkins blowing away.

5. Finger foods.
Whatever you decide to eat, make sure it’s finger food worthy. Having to use a fork and spoon at the beach means you probably won’t eat it fast enough to keep the sand out.

If you’ve got those things, you are sure to have a successful beach picnic no matter what you bring!