How to Section or Supreme Citrus

Sectioning citrus is a way of peeling and cutting fruit leaving behind the sweet flesh segments. The white pith and membrane that encase each section are bitter. Getting rid of that, and only having the juice and the meat of the fruit, makes a refreshing snack and is perfect for fruit salad. Another term for sectioning citrus is to supreme the fruit. It may sound fancy but, with a little practice, it’s actually very simple.

Step 1

Start with a very sharp small knife (like a paring or small chefs knife).

Step 2

Cut off each end of the grapefruit exposing the flesh. This also gives a flat surface to work with.

Step 3

Starting at the top of the fruit, and in small sections, slice from the top to the bottom following the curve of the grapefruit. Cut away the outside peel.

Step 4

Cut around the fruit, a section at a time, trying to get the white pith but sparing as much citrus flesh as possible.

Step 5

If any white pith is left, go back and carefully trim it off.

Step 6

At this point, look for the section between the membranes and cut on each side.

Step 7

Remove the section with the knife and place in a bowl.

Step 8

Once the first section is out, the membrane is a little more defined. Continue cutting around the fruit until all sections are cut out.

Step 9

Optional: Squeeze the remaining juice out of the membrane. It contains a lot of juice and no need to waste it.

Step 10

If doing several grapefruits at once, store in a sealed container in the fridge until ready to serve. Or, place on a plate and enjoy immediately.

Step 11

This method can be used on any citrus fruit like an orange, pomelo, or tangerine.