Best Zoos in the United States

Looking for a fun family activity this summer? Head to the zoo! If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these fantastic zoos, plan a day trip with the family. Visiting one of the cities for vacation? Make sure to add the local zoo to your agenda. It’s fun for kids and adults.

San Diego Zoo in San Diego, CA

Famous for their pandas, they have over 3,700 animals and over 650 species and subspecies of animals. You can take a botanical tour of their spectacular gardens, learn firsthand what zookeepers do and get up close to the animals with trainers.

Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis, IN

You don’t get the opportunity to swim with dolphins at every zoo, much less a Midwest zoo like you do at the Indianapolis Zoo. They have over 1,400 animals and 31,000 plants!

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA

Famous for their recreation of natural habitats for each animal enclosure. In true Seattle style, you can join an immersion event complete with premium craft beer tastings.

St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, MO

Famous for Kali, it’s 850 pounds polar bear kept in a $16 million-dollar, 40,000 square foot habitat. Admission to this zoo is free YEAR AROUND!

Bronx Zoo in the Bronx, NY

Boasts the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States complete with 6,000 animals from over 600 species. Tons of activities are available including zip-lining and tree climbing! Try to visit the zoo on a Wednesday when general admission is free.

Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert, CA

This zoo brings all the deserts of the world to life. They use the natural desert habit to showcase animals and plants all over the world that thrive in this type of environments such as cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, and camels.

Columbus Zoo in Columbus, OH

What happens when you can’t go see the coral reef? This zoo brings it to you, even in the Midwest! Famous for 100,000 gallon tank featuring a living coral reef and fish. The tropics don’t stop there. This zoo features many other tropical animals from all over the world.

Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, AK

This zoo may not be the biggest or the most famous, but it preserves the ability for us to see Alaska’s precious animals in their natural habitat.The opposite of the Living Desert Zoo, these animals thrive in frigid conditions.

Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE

Famous for a dome exhibit with a lower level that features the largest nocturnal exhibit in the world.

Houston Zoo in Houston, TX

One of the largest zoos in the US, harboring over 6,000 animals of over 900 species. Also known for the largest collection of birds in the US over 200 species in three habitats.