How to Cut Calories During the Holidays

The holidays are a fun and stressful time that flies by before we know it. We all know that holiday weight gain struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be. You also don’t need to stress about not eating all the yummy foods at the holiday season just to avoid packing on the pounds. You can have all the indulgent foods, and by using just seven simple tips to cut calories, you can have your pie and eat it too!

7 Simple Tips to Cut Calories

1.Try not to drink your calories.

Reduce or eliminate the number of sweeteners you use in beverages like tea and coffee to help cut calories.

2. Exercise!

You knew this was coming, but during the busy holidays, it can be hard to fit in that workout. Schedule your workouts; even a 20-minute-high intensity interval session will help!

3. Fill up on veggies first.

When it comes to those indulgent meals eat your veggies first. The fiber will fill you up reducing how much of the more calorie dense foods you eat.

4. Balance your carbs.

Try to pick the very best place to splurge: an alcoholic beverage OR a carb-heavy dish/side dish OR dessert. Selecting the very best place ensures that you will enjoy it and you won’t overdo it on allthethings.

5. Watch the alcohol.

Avoid super sugary cocktails or the number of glasses of wine. Alcohol messes with your blood sugar and lowers your inhibitions encouraging you to eat more.

6. Not every meal is a holiday meal.

Even during the holiday season, making your non-splurge meals on point with lots of lean protein and produce, will help balance out the splurges when they come along.

7. Save your splurges for the very best thing!

Do red and green Oreos really taste different than regular Oreos? Nope! However, Grandma’s fresh baked cookies and pie that she only makes once a year… that’s worth it! Save the splurges for the stuff you can just get one time a year.