How to Sneak Spinach Into Your Diet

When you think of spinach do you think of Popeye? Despite what has been ingrained in many of our heads, spinach is not the best source of iron or muscle building protein. However, it is an extremely nutrient dense vegetable that should be incorporated into your diet.

  • Vitamin K in spinach helps support bone health.
  • Chlorophyll that gives it that dark green color is a potent antioxidant, potentially playing a strong role in cancer prevention.
  • Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A contained in spinach is a nutrient associated with lower risk of developing asthma.
  • Vitamin A is also important to produce the oil needed to keep skin looking moisturized and youthful.
  • Potassium and magnesium help fight the effects of high sodium intake from processed foods.
  • The high fiber and water content in spinach help keep digestion regular and things moving along.

It’s easy to sneak spinach into your cooking. Here are a few creative ways.

  • Swap out less nutrient-dense forms of lettuce for spinach in salads.
  • Making tacos or breakfast sausage? Sauté spinach with whatever ground meat your making. It will wilt down to nothing and you will barely notice it.
  • Add large handfuls to scrambled eggs. A few handfuls will wilt down and easily mix into the eggs.
  • Defrost frozen spinach, then squeeze it of excess moisture in paper towels or a kitchen towel. Once you’ve done this you have the perfect veggie to add to casseroles, egg bakes, or even throw in with burgers!
  • Feeling more adventurous? Green smoothies have become really popular because they hide the taste of veggies in a delicious smoothie. Just throw a handful in with your favorite smoothie concoction, you are unlikely to taste it but will get an extra sneaky serving of veggies.
  • Feeling even MORE adventurous? Just like smoothies, spinach can be blended in with many things. You can even blend it in with pancake batter. The possibilities are endless!