22 Refreshing Mint-tastic Mojito Recipes

Hot, sweaty, summer days are coming - meaning you’ll be begging for one of these fresh, cool and plain-ol’-delicious mojito recipes!

Coconut Mojito

“Ditch the margaritas, and enjoy a refreshing Coconut Mojito for your Cinco de Mayo ... or any day ... sipping!” - Tracey

Raspberry Mojito

“This raspberry mojito is sweet and refreshing, ready in under 5 minutes. The perfect drink to serve at a party or just enjoy by yourself.” - Mira

The Best Mojito

“Mojitos are just the thing for parties, gatherings, or a warm evening on the porch. We have made and remade Mojitos until we got the recipe just right. Here you go.” - Amy

Pineapple Mojito

“I love Pineapple, so I decided to make a Pineapple Mojito. This drink has the perfect balance of sweetness with the Pineapple, the fragrant flavor of the Mint and Lime, and of course the Rum. It’s perfect. I may have to rename this drink The Perfect Mojito!” - Sara

Iced Green Tea Mojito

“These iced tea mojitos combine brewed tea and mojito cocktails into one refreshing, thirst quenching summer beverage. As an added bonus, you’re consuming all the health benefits found in green tea, mint and lime juice.” - Kirbie

Tangerine Mandarin Mojito

“This refreshing mandarin mojito recipe is made with fresh mandarin juice (or tangerine juice), lime juice, sugar cane juice or sugar, mint leaves, sparkling water, and rum. Mojitos are one of my favorite cocktails, well, the same is true for margaritas, caipirinhas, bubbly cocktails, etc. Never mind, I love cocktails.” - Layla

The Cherry Mojito

“It comes loaded with 2 cups of cherries, loads of rum, lime zest and juice, and let’s not forget the star of the ultimate mojito, the mint. Without mint, it would not be a mojito after all. The Cherry Mojito, who’d have thunk it? It is indeed a wonder of the world!” - Joanna

5 Ingredient Skinny Peach Mojitos

“As I try to cling onto the last remaining days of summer, I’m sharing a deliciously refreshing and summery cocktail that will keep summer alive (at least in my mind). And for those of you that might not drink alcohol-shout out to all my pregnant friends- I’ll share how to make this drink into a mocktail!” - Phi

Strawberry Mint Mojitos Recipe

“The mojito is the ultimate summer cocktail: mint, lime juice, rum and a splash of spritzy soda water — it doesn’t get any better than that. Or can it? We think so! We added a twist to this classic cocktail that takes the refreshing flavor of citrus and mint and fuses it with the sweetness of strawberry; delivering this sultry summertime spirit. With a few simple ingredients there’s no reason not to give this refreshment a go!” - Lulus

Blueberry Mojito

“Cool off this summer with sweet blueberries, tart limes, and a refreshing splash of rum. This cocktail will sweep you away like a cool island breeze & is perfect for lazy summer afternoons!” - Krystle

Cucumber Mojito

“A delicious and refreshing twist on the classic mojito cocktail made with the addition of cucumbers.” - Katerina

Watermelon Mojito

“Whip up a pitcher of these fresh and flavorful watermelon mojitos. Watermelon, lime, mint, and rum combine in this delicious cocktail!” - Bella

Non-Boozy Mint Mojito

“Summer is finally here!! That means it’s time to start making all those fabulous summer beverages…this Non-Boozy Mint Mojito is just what I’m talking about! It’s perfect to cool off with on a lazy summer day!” - Ruthie

Jalapeño - Mango Mojito

“This recipe is probably my favorite out of all the drinks that I’ve made. The fresh ingredients really set this drink apart from others as the flavors blended exceedingly well together. If you’re worried about the heat from the Jalapeno’s don’t be. You can make this drink as spicy as you like. If you want a mild drink just add one jalapeno. If you really want to feel the heat add 3 or more and shake well.” - Melody

Farm fresh Rhubarb Mojito

“We ended up with a bunch of rhubarb, a mint plant, and some garlic dill cheese curds. We weren't sure what we were going to do with any of the above, but that's the beauty of a farmer's market! We ended up making a rhubarb simple syrup and making rhubarb mojitos for cocktail hour!” - Lauren

Skinny Mojito

“With out further delay, the Skinny Mojito… and the Best Regular Mojito you have ever had!!” - Ashley

Pineapple Strawberry Mojito

“Perfectly cool, sweet, and SO refreshing, this fruit-infused Pineapple Strawberry Mojito cocktail has it all!” - Trish

Blackcurrent Mojito with Vanilla

“If you need a new twist on your usual cocktail repertoire try a Blackcurrant Mojito. It’s fun. It’s fruity. It’s akin to a classic Mojito but with attitude… and a hint of vanilla!” - Jane

Champagne Mojitos

“First up is this twist on a classic-a champagne mojito. My love for mojitos is well documented, and I already have a few different versions on here (you can find them here!). They were a great virgin drink during my pregnancy, but now I finally have a chance to try out this idea. As far as mojitos go, these still fit the bill- fresh and crisp, perfect for hot days. Instead of topping the drink off with club soda, I subbed it with champagne for a slightly different flavor.” - Jacqueline

Grapefruit Mojitos

“If you love grapefruit…and cocktails…these Grapefruit Mojitos are for YOU! A delicious twist on the classic mojito recipe, these Grapefruit Mojitos combine grapefruit juice, lime juice, fresh mint, and rum in a refreshing drink that’s sure to have you saying, ‘Cheers!’” - Cathy

Frozen Mojitos

“This frozen mojito is fun, festive, frothy, and refreshing. Make it ahead of time and it will get extra frosty in the freezer. Then scoop into glasses and enjoy. It’s a fabulous cocktail for summer barbecues.” - Lisa

Blueberry Mojito Popsicles

“Get your booze on with these thirst-quenching Blueberry Mojito Popsicles!” - Sarah


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