Chill Out With Delightful Daiquiri Recipes

A traditional Daiquiri is made from three ingredients – rum, citrus and a sweetener. Originating from Cuba, we have American mining engineer Jenning Cox to thank for this delicious concoction.

As the story goes, he was in Cuba during the Spanish-American War and needed a drink for guests. Since rum was easily accessible, he combined it with lemon, sugar, water and ice and named it a Daiquiri after a nearby beach. They became extremely popular in the United States during World War II when rations were put on whiskey and vodka.

Over the years, though, a Daiquiri blended with ice has come more into favor. Still starting with a rum and ice base, fruit purees began being incorporated into the drink.

However it’s consumed, I think there is one thing most people can agree on. That there’s nothing better on a hot day than a sweet and cool Daiquiri. If daiquiris are your drink of choice, then try one of these delightful Daiquiri recipes this weekend.

Strawberry-Kiwi Daiquiri

“This not-too-sweet strawberry-kiwi daiquiri is the perfect thirst quencher for long, lazy nights on the patio.” – Lisa

Best Banana Daiquiri Recipe

“If you want to pretend you’re chilling out on a beach, one of the surest ways to soak up that beach vibe is to don a pair of shades and slowly sip a tropical drink.” – Jessica

Easy Strawberry Daiquiri

“Using frozen berries eliminates the need for ice. You still get that wonderful frozen slushie consistency without watering down the strawberry flavor.” – Milisa

Coconut Lime Daiquiri

“Blend up this three ingredient Coconut Lime Daiquiri. It’s simple to make and in minutes you’ll have a tasty, tart, & refreshing tropical cocktail.” – Krissy

Cranberry Daiquiri

“This cranberry-flavored Daiquiri is a unique take on the popular cocktail! Make this pitcher for your special occasion or just because it’s the weekend!” – Tanya