Everything You Need to Throw the Perfect Pool Party

Pool party season is upon us – are you ready? Check out these 12 must-haves to make your next kid’s pool party absolutely perfect!

1. The Spread – We’re a food site, so of course we’re going to say food is critical for a successful pool party (but remember to swim after 30 minutes…you know it’s the law). From hot dogs to burgers to kebabs to potato salad to fruit to baked beans to snackies – kids of allllll the ages need sustenance. Plus, you don’t want to have hangry people acting as funsuckers! Click here for 24 recipes perfect for grilling out!

2. A Pool – okay duh, but we just had to throw this one out there. Just because. And moving on…

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3. Pool Floaties – Seriously awesome pool floaties have really become a thing that people love. Whether you choose the classic tubes or go for the unicorn/swan/pizza/donut rout, you need pool floaties to truly set your party apart from others. Oh, and don’t forget the standard noodles!

Pro tip: Make sure you get floatie cup holders for your summer drinks. You’re welcome.

4. Ice Ice Baby – Fill those coolers, kiddie pools (a really fun/creative/smart option to keep drinks/food cold), inflatable bars…etc with ice, ice and more ice! It’s better to be looking at it than looking for it. The more the merrier. Insert another cliche here – but really, GET ICE.

5. Stock Up on Sunscreen – There is no worse way to ruin an awesome day like a sunburn. So do your part by having SPF 45+ on hand for those who forgot theirs or need to reapply.

Pro Tip: Also make sure you have some bug spray around in case your pool party transitions into a bonfire!

6. Water Balloons – Back in the day, water balloon wars required hours of preparation. However, now there are seriously wonderful inventions (like Bunch O Balloons) that fill and tie (nope, you don’t have to tie anymore!) 100 water balloons in one minute! YUP YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Seriously, how did we ever have legit water balloon fights without that? Now you can fill up kiddie pools with water balloons in advance so everyone can join in on the fun.

Pro Tip: Add some squirt gun refill stations (aka plastic buckets full of water and squirt guns) to add an extra layer of fun!

7. Lawn Games – From jumbo jenga to beach ball bowling to cornhole to a piñata, having non-pool focused activities will offer fun times for everyone! But don’t forget other water activities – like slip and slides!

P.S. Include games like bocce ball for older guests to play!

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8. Adult Party Favors – Don’t forget the 21+ that will be at the party! With some summery drinks – from spiked ice tea to daiquiris to other fruity deliciousness, everyone will thank you for these refreshments.

Pro Tip: Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Slow, steady and moderation!

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9. Music – Often an overlooked or last-minute thought, music is an aspect of your party you shouldn’t ignore. Create a family-fun playlist or radio station to have going during your pool party.

Pro Tip: Check out those floating speakers that help everyone hear the music!

10. Invites/Party Favors – If you’re hosting the party for the munchkins, there are some fun ways to send out invites and give out party favors. Our favorite idea serves a double service: send out goggles, towels, flip flops, sunglasses or a pool tube for the kids to bring to the party.

11. Decor – You don’t need too much when throwing a pool party. Yes – colorful tablecloths, straws, cups, plates, napkins and hula skirts lend to the fun atmosphere – but they aren’t necessary. Another great addition is to create a photo booth (kids are all about those selfies). So cover a wall with colorful sheet/towel, create a beachy scene and supply funny props to spice it up!

12. S’mores Bar – Most likely, the pool party will transition into a bonfire…so make sure you have a s’mores bar ready with all the fixins! From the classics (marshmallows, chocolate bars, graham crackers) to new toppings (peanut butter cups, hazelnut spread, chocolate mints), this will be a great end to a wonderful day!

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Other Tips:
– Have extra towels – you never know!
– Plastic only! You don’t want glass breaking in/near the pool.
– Don’t forget to hydrate with water!
– If the party is going into the night, have some sparklers on hand too!