25 Porch-Sippin-Worthy Iced Tea Recipes

When the weather starts heating up, it’s time for soaking in the warm weather on the front porch. And these homemade iced tea recipes are beyond perfect for rocking back-and-forth in your favorite chair while enjoying your loved ones.

Click Here for Recipe: Honey Mint Green Iced Tea

“Refreshing iced tea made with green tea, sweetened with honey and flavored with fresh mint and a touch of vanilla extract.” – Lyuba

Click Here for Recipe: Mango Iced Tea

“This recipe for raspberry mango iced tea couldn’t be any easier – it’s simply brewed black tea that’s been lightly sweetened with mango juice and mixed with fresh fruit.” – Sara

Click Here for Recipe: Peach Iced Tea Recipe

“It’s so simple and easy to make, Peach Iced Tea Recipe made with real peaches and only three ingredients!” – Sheena

Click Here for Recipe: Southern Sweet Tea

“Every gal in the south has her own way of making sweet tea. We’re pretty proud about it too actually. Around my house we like our tea strong and sweet. So if you ever have trouble getting your tea just right each and every time, give this a try.” – Brandie

Click Here for Recipe: Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Iced Tea

“Strawberry Orange Refrigerator Iced Tea that’s mellow in flavor, refreshing and naturally sweetened with fresh fruits. It’s a delicious way to keep you hydrated this summer.” – Lalaine

Click Here for Recipe: Ginger and Lemongrass Iced Tea

“A little while ago I told you how I fell in love with lemon iced tea whilst growing up in Sierra Leone. Well this ginger and lemongrass iced tea was the other ‘col tea’ recipe I would turn to when I wanted a slightly different flavour combo.” – Bintu

Click Here for Recipe: Strawberry Mint and Hibiscus Iced Tea

“This Strawberry Mint & Hibiscus Iced Tea is free of refined sugars, vegan friendly, and one of summer’s most refreshing drinks!” – Kayley

Click Here for Recipe: Vanilla Coconut Black Tea

“Vanilla Coconut Black Tea is the perfect refreshing beverage to pair with your lunch or dinner. One of my favorite ice tea recipes that’s so easy to make. Oh how I love homebrewed iced tea.” – Gina

Click Here for Recipe: Blackberry Mint Iced Green Tea

“I absolutely love tea, all types and varieties, both hot and iced teas. I drink hot tea year round and iced tea is one of my favorite summertime drinks.” – Joy

Click Here for Recipe: Matcha Mint Iced Tea

“First up: this refreshingly simple mint matcha iced tea. This is obviously not a traditional way to use matcha, but I just love it. Instead of whisking your matcha, shake it up in a cocktail shaker (or in a jar with a tight lid), then add ice, mint and lime juice.” – Jeanine

Click Here for Recipe: Pineapple Ginger Ice Tea

“This Pineapple Ginger Iced Tea is free of refined sugars and is a refreshing way to give your body an icy dose of anti-inflammatory benefits.” – Kayley

Click Here for Recipe: Thai Coconut Iced Tea

“Cool, refreshing and the perfect accompaniment for NEW Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt cups, Thai Coconut Iced Tea really hits the spot on a warm summer morning!” – Renee

Click Here for Recipe: Stress Relieving Lavender Lemon Balm Iced Tea

“This refreshing lavender lemon balm iced tea is not only delicious, but it helps melt away stress. It’s so simple to make and can be enjoyed hot or iced for the upcoming summer months. Tea brewed from your own garden herbs is highly satisfying, and wonderfully nourishing.” – April

Click Here for Recipe: Orange Mint Iced Tea

“I have been meaning to post this citrusy, minty, sweet and refreshing iced tea for a couple of weeks now but the timing just wasn’t right. You know, it’s been too cold. Well, I have been getting a little peak of sunshine these past couple of days and the forecast will be in the 80’s in the coming days. Well, here it is.” – Ray

Click Here for Recipe: Mojito Iced Tea

“Mojito Iced Tea will become your new favorite summertime drink – freshly brewed iced tea kissed with sugar and flavored with fresh mint and lime juice.” – Jill

Click Here for Recipe: Turmeric Ginger Iced Tea

“Not only is this iced tea refreshing, it’s also loaded with anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger. Fresh turmeric can be a little hard to find, although my local Whole Foods has it. It’s very similar looking to fresh ginger, except a lovely orange color.” – Diane

Click Here for Recipe: Iced Raspberry Mint Green Tea

“Iced raspberry mint green tea is a simple and fruit-flavored iced green tea recipe with the perfect hint of mint. Easy and health-conscious!” – Alyssa

Click Here for Recipe: Watermelon Basil Lime Iced Tea

“The lesson being that watermelon and iced tea are long lost friends. Destined to be together forever. That forever being in a pitcher in my fridge for my drinking pleasure. “ – Jonathon

Click Here for Recipe: Ice Cold Peppermint Tea

“But I have always loved ice cold peppermint tea. I’m not sure if it’s the area I grew up in, or that it was an Amish community, but most often when you were served tea, it was peppermint tea.” – Elise

Click Here for Recipe: Arnold Palmer Iced Tea

“Iced tea and lemonade come together for one refreshing, delicious drink! Named after the legendary golfer, Arnold Palmer, this classic summertime beverage is perfect for sipping after a round of golf, or anytime you want to cool off on a hot day!” – Erin

Click Here for Recipe: Strawberry Cucumber Iced Green Tea

“It is a bright and shiny day. So, I made this Strawberry Cucumber Iced Green Tea to keep me hydrated for the whole day. It also works as a great detox and so refreshing too!” – Priya

Click Here for Recipe: Vanilla Iced Chai Latte

“Jazz up your iced chai latte with a splash of vanilla and pinch of love.” – Kelley

Click Here for Recipe: Apple Ginger Mint Tea

“Apple, ginger, and mint sounds like a wonderful refreshing drink combination. When it starts to get hot again we are going to try this.” – Adam

Click Here for Recipe: Raspberry Peach Iced Tea Lemonade

“Sweet peach puree, red raspberries, black tea, and fresh squeezed lemonade all mixed up in one cold, cool, and utterly refreshing Summertime beverage… why didn’t I think of this one sooner?!” – Ashley

Click Here for Recipe: Lavender Honey Iced Coffee

“This time of year, we’re opting for a Lavender Honey Iced Latte. This drink is light, floral and best of all, dairy-free and refined-sugar-free to keep it healthy and indulgent at the same time! Give this easy recipe a go for the perfect summer drink!” – Get Healthy U