16 Oh-So-Lovely Macaroon Recipes

Not to be confused with a Macaron (completely different delicious dessert) – Macaroons are a bite-sized treat for all coconut lovers out there. From traditional to new and exciting flavors, we’re going nutty for all types of these coconut cookies!

Click Here for Recipe: Coconut Lime Macaroons

“A gooey coconut macaroon infused with lime and dipped in white chocolate. You just need 7 simple ingredients for these, the main ingredients being shredded coconut, sweetened condensed milk and lime.” – Julianne

Click Here for Recipe: The Best Coconut Macaroons

“For the true coconut lovers out there – this is my all-time favorite recipe for the Best Coconut Macaroons! Made without sweetened condensed milk, the delicate, sweet flavor of coconut really shines through. Chewy on the inside and perfectly toasted on the outside, dry macaroons are a thing of the past.” – Trish

Click Here for Recipe: Chocolate Covered Raspberry Coconut Macaroons

“These Chocolate Covered Raspberry Macaroons are a twist on a classic family favorite, bursting with fresh raspberries and dipped in melted chocolate!” – Amanda

Click Here for Recipe: No Bake Salted Caramel Coconut Macaroons

“I decided to change them up and turn it into a Salted Caramel Coconut Macaroon and it was a fabulous idea! These cookies are to die for – and possibly even better than the original.” – Lindsay

Click Here for Recipe: Honey Coconut Macaroons (Dairy-Free, Paleo)

“These coconut macaroons are soft and chewy with the sweet taste of honey.” – Sylvie

Click Here for Recipe: Blueberry Macaroons

“These blueberry macaroons are a no bake raw egg free vegan cookie just about anyone would enjoy. An added bonus is the vibrant dye-free color from the blueberries.” – Laura

Click Here for Recipe: Coconut Key Lime Macaroons

“I am crazy in love with these cookies! They were everything I hoped they would be! Sweet and coconutty with the perfect tang of key lime!” – Amber

Click Here for Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Chip Macaroon Recipe

“Are you a coconut nut? I love Almond Joys more than any other candy. That is why these Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Coconut Macaroons are one of my favorite desserts ever!” – Jenn

Click Here for Recipe: Strawberry Coconut Macaroons

“These strawberry coconut macaroons are moist and chewy on the inside and slightly crisp around the edges. Add a little something extra (and pink!) with fresh strawberries.” – Sally

Click Here for Recipe: Low Carb Thin Mint Macaroon Cookies – Gluten Free

“I L.O.V.E. thin mints. There I said it! So I wanted to come up with some easy low carb cookies that had a similar flavor and texture as a thin mint candy.” – Mellissa

Click Here for Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Cherry Macaroons

“These pretty-in-pink Chocolate Dipped Cherry Macaroons are sweet mounds of toasted coconut love!” – Brenda

Click Here for Recipe: Matcha Coconut Macaroons

“The mild toasty flavor of matcha powder pairs well with sweet coconut in this fast macaroon recipe.” – Molly

Click Here for Recipe: Chocolate Orange Coconut Macaroons {GF & Paleo}

“Chewy and sweet orange coconut macaroons are dipped in dark chocolate for a healthy yet decadent tasting dessert! Easy and fun to make, these delicious macaroons are gluten free, dairy free and Paleo.” – Michele

Click Here for Recipe: Lemon Coconut Macaroons

“These Lemon Coconut Macaroons are so yummy with their light lemon flavor, soft and chewy coconut and white chocolate bottoms! You’ll want to eat them all!” – Lindsay

Click Here for Recipe: Peanut Butter Coconut Macaroons (Vegan)

“I settled on Jenny’s Peanut Butter Coconut Macaroons because I absolutely love coconut (and peanut butter, of course) and I was intrigued since they were also gluten free. This recipe was SUPER simple to throw together and took a grand total of 20 minutes to make (bake time included).” – Liz

Click Here for Recipe: Double Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

“These Double Chocolate Coconut Macaroons are loaded with rich chocolatey flavor – the perfect twist on a classic!” – Cathy