Pinterest Pass or Fail: Red, White & Blue Ice Cubes

With Memorial Day and Fourth of July cookouts this summer, we saw these Red, White & Blue Jell-O Ice Cubes and thought they’d be fun for cocktails. We set off to recreate them in the Test Kitchen.

What We Did

We used three different ice cube trays: a traditional ice cube tray, an all silicone one (as recommended) and a tray with silicone on the bottom and plastic on top.

We prepared each color by combining the Jell-O and water as directed.

Then poured the prepared Jell-O into the ice trays and let them freeze. We found using a glass measuring cup helped control how much we were adding and prevented spills.

After frozen we popped the cubes out of the ice trays. The silicone ice tray was definitely the easiest. But, we used a butter knife to go around the edges of the traditional tray and the cubes came right out. The tray with silicone and plastic was a fail… the cubes wouldn’t come out.

We poured some lemon lime soda in a glass and gave it a taste.

Test Kitchen Review

Unfortunately, they were a Pinterest fail. While the ice cubes were adorable and very festive, they didn’t live up to their name. When you first pour them into your cup, they do hold up.

However, after about 10 minutes they started to break down. On a hot day, this would happen even faster.

The water in the cubes melted first.

Then the Jell-O broke apart and left chunks in the cup.

Overall, we really wanted to like these because they’d be perfect for a cookout. You could easily change the colors by using different types of Jell-O. But, the Jell-O chunks in the cups weren’t particularly appealing and kept getting stuck in our straws. We’ll be sticking to regular ice cubes this summer.