Pinterest Pass or Fail: Deviled Egg Chicks

These adorable deviled egg chicks have been floating around the Pinterest-verse for years. For our latest Pinterest Pass or Fail we decided to tackle this cute appetizer.

The results? Well, we have our first Pinterest fail. Here's what went wrong.

The finished product was adorable... but we had some issues getting there.

It says to cut a sliver off the end for the chick to stand on.

But if the yolk is too low, you'll end up with a hole. Not ideal for stuffing the egg. We started with 12 eggs, but only ended up with 6 to assemble because you can't predict where the yolk is.

After slicing off the top so the egg can be filled, getting the yolk out and not tearing the egg white is no easy task.

Our tops kept falling off while we were assembling the chicks.

We'd put them back on... then they'd fall again.

Trying to move the plate had its issues too.

We placed the chicks back on the plate. Then a few seconds later, they fell again. Not ideal if you're bringing these to an Easter brunch.

Since these are basically deviled eggs, we'd recommend sticking to traditional deviled eggs. It will save you a lot of time in the kitchen.

Eri Garner - Apr 10, 2017
Soooo...anyway...another possibility is to just pipe feet onto a platter/plate, cut a slice off the bottom of the egg, and stand it upright. I like the ideas of the cartons and the grass, both, though.
Carol Harpel - Apr 9, 2017
Eri -- (did I spell it right?) Do you happen to know that the --I-- and the --O-- are right next to each other????
Shellia Ventura - Apr 9, 2017
Wow Carol Harpel, it's just a cooking site. It's not NASA or the military. It's just for ideas and recipes that people want to share. Kindness goes a long way.
Eri Garner - Apr 9, 2017
Carol, it isn't particularly nice to berate folks who might be beginners - or at least not as experienced as perhaps you are.
"Get back to me in 2019 when you have figured it out!!!!"? Really? With no fewer than four exclamation points, no less? Wow. Take your anger issues out on your eggs, please, not on forum folks, who want assistance without the nastiness, I imagine.
Sure, there are various ways to accomplish the task. The other folks who already have posted have been kind enough to offer some (without the snarks).
May I point out that the word is "VOILA", not "VIOLA"? :). Just sayin'. :)
Carol Harpel - Apr 8, 2017
The solution is too, too easy to get them to 'stand'.... First, forget the carrot 'footies'... Put some Easter grass in an egg carton and prop them up in it! I prefer to cut off the top in a jagged manner. If you have a small spice or condiment spoon or even a small melon baller or a 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, you'll be able to remove the yolk!!! AND, it is not necessary to entirely remove all the yolk, just cook a few extra eggs just for the the yolks -- VIOLA -- problem solved!!! I do this all the time to make sure the eggs are filled sufficiently. This isn't 'Rocket Science' --- It's a 'No Brainer'.... If you want to add the 'carrot footies', I figured that out also... Get back to me in 2019 when you figured it out!!!!
Vickie Bodily - Apr 6, 2017
I never sliced the bottom off the egg either. You cut the egg about 1/3 of the way down and gently clean out the yolk, then make the deviled egg filling, put it back in and top with the slice of egg, gently pushing it down. Never made these with feet before but you can if you make them into longer pointed sticks of carrot, and short sticks for the nose. I found that a egg tray works great for getting them to stand up also. Happy Easter, I say this is a PASS.
Shellia Ventura - Apr 6, 2017
I make these every year for Easter. My first time that I made them I had a hard time and they didn't look so good. First off I don't cut the bottoms off and put feet on them. I found that they sit really good in a egg carton and look so cute. When you open the lid the kids get a real charge out of it. I cut the tops off in the jagged cut like the original picture and scoop out the yolk, make my egg mixture and put back in and you have to push down a little bit for the top to stay on. The hardest part I have is slicing the carrots up in little slivers for the nose. It takes practice but it's well worth it. My family look forward to me making these every Easter. Just practice and you will get it.