Pinterest Pass or Fail: Spring Flower Pretzel Bites

When we saw Two Sister’s Crafting’s Spring Flower Pretzel Bites we instantly knew what our next Pinterest Pass/Fail was going to be. With Mother’s Day around the corner, graduation parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, we knew there would be tons of uses for these bites.

What were the results? A resounding Pinterest pass. These adorable gems take a little time to make but once you get the hang of it, they’re a snap… and quite tasty too!

What You’ll Need

  • 1 bag Wilton Bright White Candy Melts
  • 1 bag pretzel snaps (mini square shaped pretzels)
  • 1 bag M&M’s
  • A microwaveable plate

How To

Separate the M&M’s by color. This will help you see how many of each color there are when creating flowers.

Arrange pretzels on the plate in a single layer. Top each pretzel with a candy melt. Microwave pretzels for about 50 seconds to soften the candy melt. The candy should not be runny, just soft to the touch.

Place an M&M (with the M&M logo face down) in the center of the candy melt to create a flower center.

Place 6 additional M&M’s around center M&M to create petals.

Continue until the entire bag of M&M’s is used.

Test Kitchen Tips

  • Use any color M&M’s you’d like. The Easter ones are a pretty pastel color perfect for spring.
  • Do not use nut or stuffed M&M’s. Since the M&M itself is a different shape the end result will look different.
  • Have fun with the color combinations. By separating the M&M’s, it allows you to see how many of each color are in the bag.
  • The candy melt does get hot. On our first attempt, we found the M&M shell cracked a bit. Let the candy melt sit for about 45-60 seconds before placing the M&M.
  • They take a while to set up. If you want these to set fast, place them in in the fridge.