Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Around the World

Every year around March 17th, people celebrate the life of Saint Patrick through parades, festivities, and a few drinks. People around the world celebrate this day and each country celebrates slightly differently.

The United States:

Along the East Coast, many of the large cities such as Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, and Buffalo boast scores of Irish citizens whose large population turn out for their respective St. Patrick’s Day parades. New York City claims to have the largest parade in the world.

The Midwest is also known for their notable Saint Patrick’s Day parades and post parade bashes including St. Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Davenport. The most famous celebration occurs in Chicago where crowds gather to watch the Chicago River get dyed GREEN!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney lays claim to the second largest parade in the world, behind New York. This celebration is known as the Green Gathering and typically occurs on the Sunday before or after Saint Patrick’s Day. In addition to the parade, the festivities include music, entertainment, and food near Alfred Prince Park.

London, England

If you want to celebrate for more than just one day, and if you want to see a giant GREEN Ferris wheel, this is the place to celebrate! The parade kicks off on Saint Patrick’s Day and the celebration continues with events centering in Hyde Park until the end of Sunday.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Believe it or not, Argentina claims they have the 5th largest Irish population in the world. They make sure to celebrate their roots with a 10-block area in the Retiro district reserved for traditional celebration fun such as dancing, music, food and drinks!

Dublin, Ireland

Across Ireland, the celebration is enormous and fierce, but the vibe is a bit different than other places with large parties. Throughout Ireland, you will find honor, respect, and pride brought to these celebrations. Yes, there is still a fair amount of partying happening in the streets, but locals suggest that is mostly for tourists or young adults. Most residents will celebrate by going to or watching the parade on television, then retreating to local pubs and taverns for celebrations with friends and family.