Make Gourmet Salts at Home

Gourmet salt is all the rage these days. But have you looked at the prices? We recently saw a 2-ounce jar for almost $5. Why spend tons at the store when you can easily infuse salts at home yourself.

Each batch starts with kosher salt or something similar like coarse sea salt, Himalayan or Maldon. Per 1/4 cup of salt, add 1 teaspoon of spice or zest. Punch up the flavor when using zest, but if using dried herbs be a little more cautious when adding. Remember, you can always add more but can’t take away.

From there, mix and match flavors that suit you’re taste buds. Here are a few combinations to try.

Citrus: Add zest from a lemon, lime, and orange together. Rim a margarita glass with the salt for a citrusy pop of flavor.

Lemon: Lemon zest, combined with salt, would be amazing on fish and poultry.

Mushroom: Grind dried mushrooms, like porcini or shiitake, and combine with salt. Great used in soups, on potatoes, or even vegetables.

Garlic Salt: Dehydrated garlic, combined with salt, is great on veggies.

Rosemary Salt: Fresh rosemary with sea salt is amazing sprinkled on bread or poultry.

Earl Grey: Use Earl Grey tea leaves and finely grind (a coffee grinder works great for this). Incorporate with salt. Would be great in desserts.

Lavender: Grind dried lavender buds and add to salt. Incorporate into desserts, like shortbread cookies.

Bacon Salt: Cook bacon until nice and crisp. Get rid of as much excess oil as possible. Crush into very small pieces (a grinder or mortal and pestle work great). Add to salt and mix until thoroughly blended. Use on eggs, meat, baked potatoes or anywhere you want a bit of smoky flavor.

Try a few of these out next time you’re cooking to add an extra punch of flavor. They’ll make adorable gifts too!


  • Store in airtight jars that have been cleaned and are completely dry. Any drop of moisture will cause the salts to clump.
  • If possible, use fresh herbs. The flavor will be intensified.
  • The longer the infused salt sits, the better the flavors will meld together. We suggest letting it rest for a week prior to using. But, you can start using them within a day.
  • Store in a cool, dry area.
  • We found some recipes where you bake the salts and others that combine liquid. Some were pretty interesting (red wine salts!). They have a few more steps but are worth trying out.