4 Ways to Celebrate National Singles Awareness Day

Okay, so Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone…that’s why you should make plans to celebrate National Singles Awareness Day instead on February 14th!

1. Netflix and Chill

We actually mean it in this case. Pick one of the many rom-coms on Netflix, some tissues, a bottle of wine and take out to celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Need movie inspiration? Check out our list of our favorite romantic movies!

2. Galentines Day

Call your girls up and get ready to celebrate being single! Whether you pick to watch movies, binge watch Grey’s Anatomy or play games, be there for each other and celebrate (or commiserate) together. Just make sure you have plenty of wine, comfort food and chocolate on hand. Here are 24 ideas for throwing the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day party!

3. Workout

In the great words of Elle Woods (Legally Blonde), “Working out gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” So sign up for a spin class, yoga session or whatever exercise your heart desires to get your sweat on.

4. Girls Night Out

Call the girls and organize a ladies night out! Whether you choose to ironically celebrate the holiday with funny shirts or dress up for a fancy night out, making plans with the girls is a great way to forget all the lovey-dovey stuff going on around you. Laughter is the perfect medicine!