How to Host a Stay-In Adult Game Night

Why go out, when you can stay in and play some super fun games? Just grab the snacks, drinks and card table and you’re good to go!

Invite Friends

Yes, believe it or not, you need to have friends at your house to have a game night. Sure, you can stay in and play Monopoly with your significant other, but it’s common knowledge that Monopoly leads to break-ups – so let’s avoid that.

Instead, call or text your friends and arrange a fun adult game night! We recommend inviting around 4-6 people over (no need to be crazy), which leads to the perfect amount to play a variety of games.

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Proper Playing Surfaces
This is crucial to a great game night. You don’t want everyone to have to stand around your kitchen island to play – that’s why having a table that sits around 4-8 people comfortably is a must. Dining room tables are a great option, as well as your standard kitchen table. If you don’t have either, invest in a foldable card table (or two), they are definitely worth it!

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What’s an adult game night without finger foods? Check out some of our favorites by clicking here! You don’t want a game to go badly because some gets hangry, so keep your guests fed!


Break out the good stuff for adult game night! From beers to liquor to soda, feel free to indulge and enjoy this adult time. As always, remember to drink responsibly! Here are 29 refreshing drinks that are great to treat yourself and your guests to!

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The Games

As if we need to tell you this, but having games at your adult game night is quite crucial. Whether you prefer cards, board games or quiz games, make sure you’re stocked up. Read this blog on some of our favorite board games that are perfect for adult game night!

BINGO! You'll definitely be a winner serving Thai Red Curry for #adultgamenight. #TGIF

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What is your favorite game to play on game night? Share in the comments below!