How to Make the Perfect Cheese Plate

There’s nothing cheesy about it - no party is complete without the perfect cheese plate. So be a hero and learn how to make one.

First, let’s start with the foundation for the perfect cheese plate, the platter. You have a couple options here:
Chalkboard Platter
Butcher’s Block Platter
Marble Platter
Classic Platter

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to purchase cheese knives (one per cheese). It makes all the difference!

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Well, you obviously need to know the must-have cheeses you need:

1. Cheddar
The sharper the better, cheddar cheese is a staple of all cheese platters.

2. Brie
A wedge of brie is a must-have soft cheese on your platter.

3. Gouda
A delicious orange gouda is a great hard cheese you need to add to your cheese plate.

4. Goat Cheese
A second soft cheese you need to have for party guests is goat cheese, yum!

Some other cheese additions: manchego, havarti, gorgonzola and gruyere. You need to have at least 3 cheeses, but a max of 7 - no need to overwhelm!


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Now that you have the cheeses, it’s time to add the non-cheese must-haves. Yes, contrary to what you might believe, you need to have more than just cheese on your platter. Here’s what else ya need:
1. Fruit
You need to add grapes on your cheese plate. It’s seriously a must. Also, add apples, pears and berries as well (especially during the summer). For a fall cheese plate, be sure to add yummy olives too!

2. Crackers
Well, duh. You need crackers to put the cheese on - it’s the best vessel.

3. Meats
Thinly sliced salami, prosciutto and pepperoni are deliciously tasty additions to your cheese platter. Yum!

4. Nuts
Add something a little crunchy to your cheese platter with some almonds or pistachios.

5. Spreads
Chutney and honey are 2 delicious spreads to add to your cheese platter.

We love us a delicious cheese plate, and now you can make a legendary one for your guests!


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