Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift in the New Year

Want to update your kitchen without breaking your bank? We searched the internet for some easy DIY projects to bring your kitchen into the new year.

1. Paint Job

Are you over your outdated cabinets? Well, the best way to brighten things up is with paint. We promise it really isn’t that hard. Pick the color (or colors) you want and start the process. Check out this how-to from Home Depot on painting cabinets.
Pro Tip: Use painters tape to label each cabinet to easily match the cabinets back up post painting.

Loving my newly updated kitchen!! #kitchenupdate #whitecabinets #subwaytile

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2. Chalkboard Wall

We love us some chalkboard accent walls. Especially for those little side walls that you never know what to do with. It’s fun, creative and a great use of what used to be wasted space. Plus, the kiddos are sure to love it!

As you can tell, our chalkboard wall is a huge hit!! @oldsaltfarm #oldsaltfarm

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3. Pantry Door

One of our favorite ways to freshen up your kitchen is to upgrade your pantry door. By replacing the door (or doors), adding a barn door, switching to pocket doors, repainting or changing the glass, you’ll be adding a whole new dimension of awesomeness to your kitchen. There are many options for you to upgrade your pantry door, which one would you do?

4. Organization Tips

It’s time to declutter your kitchen and these projects will make it super easy to do so. From aluminum foil to pot/pan lids to spices, organizing these areas is a great way to make your kitchen feel brand new. Need some ideas? Here ya go:
Put your cooking necessities in clear tubs and label them
Organize your pots/pan lids
Create a special section for aluminum foil, ziploc bags and spices
DIY trash bag rolls

This is where I geek out hardcore. #pantry #pantryorganization _ An organized pantry is a happy kitchen…and that means a happy cook. In fact, there are so many benefits that you’ll enjoy once your pantry is organized that you’ll wish you’d gotten it all together years ago. Here are a few of those benefits and the ways you can gain them. _ One benefit of an organized pantry is that you’ll be able to find what you need more quickly when it’s time to make dinner. The Spice Stack is a simple organizer that will help you to find exactly the right spice for your favorite recipes. There are three tiers that can hold up to 27 full-size spice bottles or up to 54 half-size spice bottles. Each tier pulls out and flips down so that you can quickly see your collection of spices. It fits inside any cabinet and each drawer is color-coded so you can really get organized and get cooking . _ The removal of clutter is another benefit that you will enjoy with the Under Shelf Wrap Rack. Rolls of wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap can get in the way when tucked on top of the canned goods inside your pantry—you’re constantly having to move them around to find other items that you need to prepare your meal. But this rack allows you to get those rolls into their own space…a space that is usually unused. It slides easily over any cabinet or pantry shelf in seconds, so it goes to work fast. _ The benefits go on and on…stay tuned for more fun tips. #kitchen #kitchenorganization #pantrygoals #pantrydesign #pantrychallenge

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5. Replace Cabinet Door Handles

Add a fun flare with these little accents. You’ll never believe how big of a difference it makes when you change the handles on your cabinets. Just the subtle change brings new life to your cabinets and shows off your character. Here’s a few of our favorites:

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#Kitchenrenovation complete!

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We love us some DIY kitchen renovations. Do you have a great idea to easily give your kitchen a facelift? Share it below!