What Happens With the Extra Food From the Test Kitchen?

One of the most frequently asked questions of the Test Kitchen is, "What happens with all the extra food?" It's actually donated to a wonderful organization in Williamson County, TN called My Friend's House.

When taste-testing a recipe only a sample of the recipe eaten. So after tasting, the non-alcoholic recipes are wrapped tightly in the fridge. Every Friday, Janet makes her weekly trip to My Friend's House with the extra food.

My Friend's House began its work on behalf of at-risk youth back in 1982. Their focus is to help change negative behaviors in youth by helping them learn to make good choices and provide growth and developmental opportunities. The end goal is to nurture the children into responsible young adults.

If boys do not have a place to go home to, My Friend's House provides a group care facility offering temporary, short-term residential support for up to eight at-risk male youth ages 12-18.

The employees and volunteers really do an amazing job. Janet snapped a picture of her with two employees, Katie Creighton, Interim Executive Director and Kiley Maupin, Direct Care Supervisor on her last trip.

The employees and residents eagerly anticipate Janet's weekly delivery. "Just A Pinch allows the boys at My Friend's House to experience a variety of food, which otherwise they may not get to try," shares Kiley. "The boys look forward to coming home on Friday and having a home cooked meal or snack."

Kiley goes on to say, "Some things are very adventurous and the boys get a kick out of trying all the different items. We are all very thankful to partner with Just A Pinch."

We're thankful for our members and your recipes. By sharing your recipes, you too are helping out My Friend's House. If you'd like to read more about My Friend's House, visit their website.

Elaine Bovender - Dec 23, 2016
What a wonderful thing to do!
Ann Sumpter - Dec 22, 2016
Thanks for all wonderful JAP members and their sharing of food and recipes and our JAP test-kitchen!
Vickie Burley - Dec 19, 2016
It's wonderful that the Test Kitchen donates the food to My Friend's House. I do all that I can to help others and am very pleased to learn that Just a Pinch does so much to help others, too. Thank you for all that you contribute and for thinking of these young people.
Debbie Sue - Dec 19, 2016
That is just wonderful!
Colleen Sowa - Dec 19, 2016
So very proud of you all helping to stamp out hunger! I have worked for over 20 years trying to help too! Merry Christmas! ox
Mikekey * - Dec 17, 2016
Great job! And I know, judging by the recipes people post here, that those boys are eating some great food!