13 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

24 days is a long time to be creative, so here are some ideas to help inspire your Elf on the Shelf shenanigans this Christmas!

1. Ziplining across the room

Tie up some string across a well-traveled room and have your elf go “ziplining” across it.

2. Streamers at Entrance to Kid’s Rooms

Streamers are an Elf’s best friend! One great use for them is to make your kid’s “jailed” in by your Elf.

3. Got Into the Dog Treats

Have some treats for your dog in the house? Show your Elf getting into them, and not being a big fan. Pro tip: make sure your Elf is out of reach of your pup, otherwise he might meet a sad end.

4. Flour Angels

Yes it’s messy, but we love us some Elf on the Shelf snow/flour angels! We know you have flour around the house, just lay some out and create an angel!

5. Mustaches on Pictures

A super easy and last minute Elf on the Shelf idea is to put removable mustaches on the pictures throughout the house!

6. Date with Barbie

Keep in PG, but have your Elf go on a date with Barbie, or just have them interact with some other dolls in the house!

7. The Scanner

Have a scanner at home? Then fire it up with your Elf on it for a fun scan!

8. Elf vs. Darth Vader

Star Wars has been BIG with the kiddos – so have Darth Vader use the force against your Elf!

9. Drunk on Syrup

What do elves love to drink? Syrup of course! So grab a straw and your syrup and watch your Elf go into a sugar coma!

10. Helium/Underwear Balloon

We think this is so much fun! Just get some helium, a pair of new undies and let your Elf set sail!

11. Harry Potter Elf on the Shelf

Kids of all ages love Harry Potter, so make sure your Elf on the Shelf knows the mischief managed spell!

12. Elf vs. Elsa from Frozen

Have a “Frozen” lover in your house? Stick your elf in a ziploc bag to protect it, then place it in a cup of water and freeze him/her.

13. Basically Anything Involving Toilet Paper

‘Nuff said. From an empty roll to a snowman stack to TP-ing a room…kids are guaranteed to love it!

Have an awesome Elf on the Shelf idea? Share it below!