7 Cool, Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

Just because you’ve got kids doesn’t mean you can’t ring in the new year in style. This year, skip the big crowds and late-night drinking and opt instead for a different kind of holiday celebration. To celebrate the new year with your little ones, try these kid-friendly ideas!

1. Game Night.

Pull out your favorite board games, pop some popcorn, make some pizza and settle in for a full night of games with your family. While you’re competing against each other and having fun, you’ll make the night a special one to remember.

2. Movie Night.

Sometimes just watching the New Year’s updates on TV gets boring for kids, so why not pick some fun movies to watch together instead? You can still change the screen when it’s time for the ball to drop—if everyone makes it that far awake!

3. Living Room Forts.

Make the movie even more fun by setting up an elaborate fort in the living room! But movie or not, you can use chairs, tables, pillows, blankets and whatever you can to create a cozy place where you can all hang out.

4. Kid-Friendly Drinks.

Who says grownup get all the fun when it comes to drinking on New Year’s Eve? Set up a fun kiddie drink bar with things like fruit, soda, juices, etc., to make your own spritzers and punch. Buy fancy plastic cups and straws, or, if your kids can handle it, pull out the adult glasses.

5. Costumes.

Make the night unforgettable by letting your kids dress up in their fanciest costumes or clothes. Have the adults get in on the fun too with their black dress and suits, and make it a formal affair. The more over the top, the better.

6. Dancing.

Crank up some fun tunes and have a family dance party in the living room! You could have contests to see who has the most interesting moves, who has the most energy, who seems to be having the most fun, etc. While this idea may not last all night long, it is a great way to celebrate—and use up that long-lasting kid energy.

7. Midnight around the World.

For kids who can’t make it to midnight, just celebrate the turn of the year in another time zone. When it’s the end of New Year’s Eve around the world, celebrate with the people in that country and call it a night. This gives you a good chance to talk about another place in the world, as well as a way to still get your sleep.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve with kids, there are no requirements: you don’t have to stay up late, you don’t have to go anywhere and you don’t have to drink. You do have to make the night a fun one, however, and you can do that by using the ideas above! Create your own special celebration and mark the start of a new year with gusto.


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