7 Tips for Black Friday Shopping

If you love a good bargain, chances are, you love Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is widely known as the nation’s single biggest shopping day all year long. True, there are long lines and big crowds, but people keep going back, year after year, for the incredible sales.

So what about you? Are you planning to brave the crowds this year? Looking to score a cheap price on a big-ticket item or some significant savings on your holiday shopping list?

If so, here are some Black Friday shopping tips for scoring the best deals while avoiding big stress!

1. Make a Game Plan

Every Black Friday veteran knows that the best deals come to those who research. So before you hit the malls, study the ads for the holiday. Are you looking for a certain item? Compare its prices at different retailers. Did you see a good price advertised at one store? Check around to see if anyone else is doing something better. When you know what you’re looking for, you have a better chance of finding it.

2. Think Outside the Box

It’s not just the mall that has great Black Friday pricing. Be sure to think outside the box by looking at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid, too. Everything from toiletries to gift cards can be discounted.

3. Tune Into Your Favorite Brands

If you know you love a certain store or brand, follow it on social media and subscribe to email alerts. When exclusive previews or deals are available, you’ll be in the know.

4. Get an App

Download a Black Friday app that can aggregate deals for you by category, store, date and more. This can help you save time while still knowing about the best prices.

5. Fuel Up with Food

Even when you’re scoring great savings, you’re bound to get tired after hours at the stores. So save yourself frustration by fueling up ahead of time with a nutritious breakfast that will keep you going strong for hours. Likewise, bring along snacks that you can grab while you’re out without needing to stop.

6. Double Up

Everybody knows shopping’s more fun with a friend. Bringing a buddy means bringing someone you can talk to, get advice from and partner with you to cover more territory. When the lines are long, one of you can wait in line while the other shops.

7. Go Online

When all else fails, stay home on Black Friday and shop the cyber deals. Some retailers offer big online savings for the holiday, not to mention temporary doorbuster deals on their websites.

As an added bonus tip, when you’re faced with an impulse purchase on sale for Black Friday, have a predetermined rule to guide your decision. Maybe you set a max budget of what you can spend, or maybe you only buy something if it’s at least 40% lower than retail price. Whatever the case, having that idea in your head could help you buy only the items you’ll be glad you did. Happy shopping!

Linda Hall - Nov 23, 2017
Yeah I think I’ll skip the lines myself. I was going to go but now that I’ve stuffed myself with turkey and four red apple ales (and I only drink once a year) I think sleeping in sounds a whole lot better.
Jennifer Bosten - Nov 25, 2016
Pffft. I work in retail. I worked from 7:45 pm on Thanksgiving until 9 am on Friday. Let me tell you, we ran the same sale all week long. You didn't get anything special by cutting short your turkey dinner. And I work in shoes. Here's an example of our "great" sale:

Normally, throughout the year:
Boot A :regularly $79.99, on sale for $39.99
Boot B: regularly $79.99, on sale for $39.99
Storewide sale, Buy One, Get One half off. So those two above boots would be $39.99 first pair, $19.99 second pair. Let's say $60 plus tax. A savings of $100 throughout the entire fall season that we carry the boots.

Now, your amazing Black Friday deal:
Boot A: regularly $79.99, on sale for $59.99 (oh look, it went UP $20)
Boot B: regularly $79.99, on sale for $59.99 (oh geez, this one went up $20, too!)
Storewide sale: Select boots are Buy One, Get One Free! So boots are now $59.99 first pair, $0 second pair. Oh my goodness, that's.....still $60 plus tax.....well crap you came out and fought the traffic and brought your screaming crying kids for nothing. Ah well, it's all for holiday fun, right? Enjoy your credit card statement when that bill rolls in.
Teresa G - Nov 25, 2016

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