How to Plan the Perfect Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a bit stressful, so here are some tips to lessen the stress and allow you to enjoy the day!

1. Go Old School – Send Out Invites

Hosting Friendsgiving? Or hosting for the fam? Invites are a great way to set the time and what people need to bring. Plus, by asking them to RSVP, you’ll have a definitive answer as to how much food you need and how many people you need to set the table for.

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Here’s some of our favorites:
Rustic Floral Thanksgiving Invite
Our First Married Thanksgiving Invite
Give Thanks Thanksgiving Invite
Let’s Eat Drink and Be Thankful Thanksgiving Invite
Vintage Floral Thanksgiving Invite

2. Create the Menu

What are you making? What is everyone bringing? Are you going traditional or are you going to mix it up? Here’s our favorite Thanksgiving Menu to give you some inspiration!

3. Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

You’re cooking all day, so how do you keep those kiddos entertained? With some festive and fun activities! Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got your back! Click here!

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4. Be Prepared for Leftovers

We alllll know one of the best parts of Thanksgiving are the leftovers – so you better clean out your freezers and get your leftover containers ready. Whether you choose to purchase more tupperware containers or go for some adorable leftover containers, you best be prepared (said in best Scar voice from “The Lion King”). But really – don’t be THAT GUY who doesn’t make enough for leftovers. Always make extra. Always!!

5. Decor

In case you missed it, we’re pretty obsessed with Thanksgiving decor. From Thanksgiving tablescapes to burlap banners to thankful decor to fall wreaths to hilarious themed signs…needless to say, the awesome possibilities are endless. Protip: set the table the day before so you don’t have to worry about it the day of!