5 Books Food Lovers will Devour

What’s better than sitting back with a nice glass of wine and reading a great book? Nothing much especially if it’s a novel about food! We’ve scoured the internet looking for delicious food-lit to pick up or download to your Kindle tonight.

Fun and foodie, these books will transport you to a yummy place. Added bonus, some books feature great recipes. Happy Reading!

1. Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover’s Courtship, with Recipes by Amanda Hesser

Amanda Hesser, former New York Times food writer, shares the trials and tribulations of her courtship with her now husband Tad Friend (aka Mr. Latte). Would a self-proclaimed food lover be able to live with a man who doesn’t have anything in his fridge? How does she survive dinner when meeting the parents? Through humor and honesty, Hesser shares her modern dating story along with 100 recipes (like her mother’s Chocolate Dump Cake) that helped to shape her love story.

W.W. Norton & Company

2. Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard)

Ever dreamed of meeting the man of your dreams while having lunch in France? This fantasy turned to reality for Elizabeth Bard. Elizabeth tells her tale of falling in love with her new Gwendal, french cuisine and Paris itself. This tasty memoir is filled with mouth-watering recipes and the hope of finding a forever love.

Little, Brown and Company

3. Delicious by Ruth Reichl

Billie Breslin leaves her home state of California to take a job at Delicious!, New York’s prestigious food magazine. Billie falls in love with the New York food scene and is distraught when Delicious! suddenly shuts down. To pay the bills, Billie takes a job maintaining the hotline for reader complaints. Little could she guess the boring job would lead her down a path where she would face past fears and open her heart to what’s ahead. Ruth Reichl, cookbook author, James Beard award winner, former New York Times restaurant critic and former Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine, translates her knowledge of food into a culinary treat.

Random House

4. The Love Goddess’ Cooking School, by Melissa Senate

What happens when you inherit your grandmother’s cooking school and there are students already signed up for the fall, but you are culinary challenged in the kitchen? That’s the conundrum Holly Maguire is presented when she inherits “Camilla’s Cucionatta,” a home-based Italian cooking school in Maine. You’ll find yourself cheering on Holly as she begins her culinary journey along with wanting to learn more about the students as they create their recipes for life.

Simon & Schuster

5. The City Baker’s Guide to Country Living by Louise Miller

Olivia Rawlings is a big-city pastry chef for an exclusive Boston dinner club. After one mishap (let’s just say it will have you rethink making Baked Alaska again), as she’s been known to do when times get tough, she escapes to her best friend Hannah in Vermont. Funny and heartwarming, you slowly learn about all the characters living in this wholesome town while secretly craving the amazing pastries Olivia creates and describes beautifully.

Pamela Dorman Books