How to Carve a Whole Chicken

You’ve roasted a whole chicken and your kitchen smells amazing. Now it’s time to carve and enjoy the chicken. The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen walks you through how to carve a whole chicken.

Step 1. Remove from oven
Step 1. Remove from oven. Let rest 15 - 20 minutes to seal in juices.
Step 2. Slice through th
Step 2. Slice through the skin to disconnect leg from the breast.
Step 3. Place leg and th
Step 3. Place leg and thigh on separate cutting board.
Step 4. Slice breast mea
Step 4. Slice breast meat in long strokes. Make sure not to saw the meat.
Step 5. If you want to r
Step 5. If you want to remove the whole breast, slice the breast against the grain.

Watch the "pinch tips" video here.