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Crockpot Gameday Moose Chili

By Becky Hammond OatsandHoney

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Becky's Story

Of course you dont have to use moose meat. Any type of ground meat works....of course since my dad has a few freezers full of Moose, Elk, Venison, Sheep, etc...i usually pick a more game-ier ground meat.

Also...i do not put measurements for spices because, i just add more as i go!


2 lb
ground moose meat
yellow onions
1 can(s)
tomato sauce
2 can(s)
diced tomatos
2 can(s)
dark red kidney beans
1 can(s)
black beans
1 can(s)
corn (optional)
1 pkg
slow cooker chili seasoning
salt and pepper
fresh basil leaves
fresh oregano
chili powder
garlic salt

Directions Step-By-Step

Brown meat and chopped onions in a skillet. Drain most of the fat off (but save it in a little dish)
Put the cooked meat and onions into large crackpot. Add chili seasoning packet to the meat, using the fat kept from the browning process to get the seasoning absorbed into the meat.
Dump in tomato sauce and diced tomatoes (drained). Rinse the kidney and black beans to remove all the liquid they are in and then add those as well. (if you are adding corn, do it the same).
Add Basil and Oregano, salt and pepper, chili powder, garlic, etc...anything you want to add. I never measure mine out...i would estimate i add 2 tbsp oregano, 1 tbsp salt (coarse kosher), 1/2 tbsp pepper, chili powder, cumin, and garlic, and a handful of fresh basil leaves coarsely chopped. However i continually add more to the taste...experiment!
cook on low for 8 hours.
serve with sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, corn bread, and of course, the great Crystal hot sauce.

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Becky Hammond OatsandHoney
Mar 12, 2013
Peggy good question! I just so happen to be lucky enough to have men in my family that do big game hunting. Ask around to see if any friends do so as well, and i know there are online butchers that will sell and ship to you. But if all else fails, substitute with any meat you can find (i.e. beef, ground turkey or lamb, etc)
Peggy Snyder Pego
Mar 7, 2013
Where do I get a moose at ??? :)
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Dan Hammond Hambone
Dec 23, 2010
Bec...please make a batch and we can take to the woods this week with your Counting on ya! Love ya!

Dad-e-o (does this creep you out that I just devulged that I'm your dad? lol)