Easy As (Apple) Pie Dried Apples(from your oven!)

cindy sandberg


I used to have a dehydrator, but it was one of those gadgets I "had to have", then rarely ever used, so I eventually got rid of it. Last night, I decided I wanted to dehydrate some apples, and decided to experiment with using my oven. It worked beautifully and was so easy. I sliced the apples and popped them in before bed, and in the morning, I had a batch of perfect dried apples! Think I'll be experimenting with other fruits and veggies!

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30 Min
8 Hr


2 c
juice from 2 lemons(or 1/4c bottled)
smallish apples


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1Preheat oven to lowest temp.-On my oven, this is 170F. (If your oven won't go lower than 200F, don't try this method. Any higher than 200F and this probably won't work well)

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2Add the lemon juice to the water in a shallow dish.

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3Core and slice apples into rings or slices. Slice about 1/8in. if you want thin apple "chips". Slice about 1/4in. for thicker chewier slices. This is definitely easier with a mandolin type slicer(I used the Pampered Chef simple slicer), or food processor, but a sharp knife and patience would work, too!

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4As you slice, place the apple slices into the water/lemon juice.

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5Place the apple slices, in a single layer on cooling racks that have been placed on baking trays*. (No need to drain or dry them, just shake off the excess liquid and put them right on the tray.) Pop in the oven and ignore for the next 7-8 hrs. (It is helpful to prop the oven door open a couple of inches while the apples are drying, to let moisture escape.)When apples have reached desired dryness, turn off the oven and leave for another 30-60 min. Remove, cool, and store in airtight container.

6*You could do this without the cooling racks, but I think you would probably need to flip the apple slices half way through the drying time.

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