Recycle - Reuse For Meals To Go !!!

Colleen Sowa Recipe

By Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7

We reuse and recycle everything we can!

Use them until you can't any longer.... then put in recyle bin!

We make wonderful fancy lunches at home and put them into take out containers and they are much better than the "store bought" meals.

We have had people ask where we bought our meals to go..... The answer: Home Sweet Home!

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Each container serves one or more
Prep Time:


pie pans and containers, pans, platters
take out containers
milk jugs, bottles, jars and bowls
sauces, condiments, dressings, crackers, cookies
napkins and flatware
fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, eggs, breads and left overs
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Directions Step-By-Step

Wash and air dry reuseable containers. Store until needed.
When a meal to go is needed, decide what container is best for the job!
Be creative!
Have Fun!
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  • user
    Shawn A Reed reed20011 - Aug 14, 2011
    I recycle everything too!! :)
  • user
    bev snee 1234567 - Aug 14, 2011
    Ha ha ..I stopped buying plastic plates and cups because I just can't part with them! I can't see throwing them away when the can be washed and used again.I think I got that from my Grandma, she saved all her container too!
  • user
    Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Aug 14, 2011
    Woohooo, I am all about recycling too!!! I must say it comes from my Grammie as well. lol....she was big on "don't waste anything". We started the recycling bin a little over a year ago. Not sure if you are supposed to wash out stuff before you put it in the bin but I always feel compeled to do so.'s like I HAVE to wash it before it get recycled. hehe Thanks for the post Colleen. It's a great one.
  • user
    Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Aug 14, 2011
    I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
  • user
    Debby DeRousse cakesbydebby - Aug 14, 2011
    Hey no kidding Colleen...we pay big prices for all this packaging,I reuse all I can.