Sheila M Recipe

Braunschweiger Ball - Liver

By Sheila M Gadiva

Wether you are a fan of braunschweiger or not you will love this spread. Great for the holidays, football games or entertaining. I don't need an occaision to make it as it's one of my favorites! It's easy to make, few ingredients and your friends will love it. Enjoy!

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Cooking Method:
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1/3 c
2 Tbsp
pickle relish, sweet (drained)
1/4 tsp
garlic salt
1 tsp
worcestershire sauce
8 oz
cream cheese
pecans, in pieces (enough to coat)
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Directions Step-By-Step

Combine softened cream cheese and braunschweiger, blend well with a fork.
Add relish, garlic salt and worcestershire sauce, mix well.
With your hands, pat into a ball or loaf, roll in the chopped pecans and chill

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