Aunt Fely's Fruit Tea

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1/2 c instant tea; i use unsweetened lipton instant tea
3/4 c instant lemonade; i use country time instant lemonade mix as that is what my aunt fely prefers to use
2 c sugar
1 c white grape juice
1 gal water

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Amanda's notes for this recipe:
This is my Aunt Felyscia's fabulous fruit tea recipe that has become one of my absolute favorites and a must-have whenever we go to visit in Tennessee. This is a true Southern tea, and it's truly delicious! I have always disliked tea and would never drink it, but this is my one exception...and I usually go through a pitcher all on my own!
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Quick and easy, these simple ingredients combine into a refreshing delight of a drink!


Stir the DRY ingredients together in a pitcher. This means that you will take ½ cup of the Lipton Instant Tea (or whichever brand you prefer to use), ¾ cup of the Country Time Instant Lemonade Mix (or whichever brand you prefer to use), and the 2 cups of sugar and dump them into the bottom of an empty pitcher. Once you have dumped them into the pitcher, stir them together so that they are well combined. Do this before you add any liquids.
After stirring together the dry ingredients, add the 1 cup of white grape juice to the dry ingredients and stir together. You should now have the tea, lemonade, sugar, and white grape juice mixed together in a pitcher.
Add one gallon of water to the mixture and enjoy!

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user Cathy Riggs grannycj - Jan 16, 2012
Sounds great for a summertime refresher! Thanks for sharing!
user S I SyiLuvsPastries - Jan 16, 2012
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user S I SyiLuvsPastries - Jan 16, 2012
This DOES sound really refreshing! SAVED!
user Kitchen Crew JustaPinch - Mar 8, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
user Kitchen Crew JustaPinch - Mar 8, 2012
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