Charisse Wilbanks Recipe

Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

By Charisse Wilbanks charisse416

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Charisse's Story

this recipe is close to the Outback Strawberry Shortcake Waffles. you can cut the ingredients in half if you would like to make less. It is delicious. you need a waffle iron to make it, preferrably a Belgian Waffle Maker.


1 pkg
duncan heines butter yellow cake mix
1 pkg
vanilla pudding
1 pkg
strawberries, fresh
1 pkg
cream cheese, softened
1 bottle
strawberry puree
1 bottle
1 can(s)
cool whip whipped cream
1 can(s)
toasted almonds

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat Waffle Iron
Mix cake mix and pudding mix. A thicker consistency works better.
Pour Mix into Waffle Iron
When waffles are done, cut into 4 sections
Stack Waffles adding a layer of the almond cream between each layer
Pour generous amount of Strawberry Sauce over the top
Top with Whipped Cream and toasted Almonds
Stawberry Sauce
Slice strawberries and mix with strawberry puree in a bowl
Store in refridgerator until ready to use. (can do the night before and marinate over night)
Almond Cream Sauce
Soften Cream Cheese
Mix Cream Cheese and Amaretto in bowl and whip together until it is creamy. add a pinch of sugar if desired. A splash of milk also helps to make it a bit creamier.

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Charisse Wilbanks charisse416
Oct 17, 2012
thank you sally for clearing that up. sorry i didnt make the instructions very clear. Judi you really dont need that much amaretto so any bottle size would suffice. when i made it, i used instant pudding. Made the cake mix and then added the pudding into the mix...sally is right just take out about a cup of milk and the consistency should be about right. i dont have definitive measurements because i made this from memory of watching them make it at work and asking what was in it and recreating it at home.
sally murray salijo1
Jun 12, 2012
Mix the cake and pudding mixes as directed minus a cup of milk. Combine the two. You really have to eyeball it when you go lighter on the liquid ingredients for a thick enough consistency to pour into the waffle iron. I wonder how using an angel food cake mix would work???? I bet gr8!
Judi Gnade YankeeFawn
May 8, 2012
how many waffles does this make? What size bottle of amaretto? This sounds gr8 but not very good in the instructions for how 2 make em :(
Marieann Johansen blstranger
Jan 14, 2012
I'm really confused. This is what the instructions say.

Mix cake mix and pudding mix. A thicker consistency works better.
Pour Mix into Waffle Iron.

I don't see any liquid used here.

Do you make the pudding and use that as the wet ingred. and if so is it instant or cooked pudding. Or do you use the directions on the cake mix and just add the pudding mix.
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