Magic Shell Ice cream topping (Klondike in a bowl)

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Oh what would you dooo, for a Klondike bar?? We call this Klondike bar in a bowl, only much cheaper. So simple and easy to make and to have on hand. But I warn you it won't last long...
Our family loves Klondike Bars and we love magic shell but we don't like the cost of that little bottle and I have no idea about the preservatives that are in it.
I searched the web and came up with many recipes and combined these ingredients to make it. My Son-in-Law Greg made this for us and we absolutely loved it.
The grand-kids love to help make this as much as they love eating it!!


1/2 c
coconut oil
1 c
milk chocolate chips,
1/2 tsp
vanilla extract

Directions Step-By-Step

Combine Coconut Oil and Chocolate Chips in a small sauce pan and stir over medium low heat until melted. It will only take a couple of minutes and stir it continually so it don't scorch. You could also use a double broiler or putting pan in hot water.
After chocolate chips and coconut oil have melted remove pan from heat, let cool just a little and add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla or your favorite extract. We like vanilla so that is what we use.

This recipe will yield about 8 ounces or 1 Cup If you need more just double the recipe.
Drizzle with a spoon over ice cream and watch the magic happen. Kids especially will love this part.
It only takes a couple of minutes for the Shell to harden and enjoy!!!

Another idea is to take a banana cut in half and insert a Popsicle stick, place on a freezer safe plate and freeze. When ready to serve,take out of freezer dip in magic dip, you could then quickly roll in chopped nuts or sprinkles. The kids love these too.
You can use whatever flavor chocolate chips and extract your family likes. We like Milk Chocolate and vanilla so that is what we make.
If there is any leftover, store it in an air tight container in the refrigerator, not sure about leaving it on the shelf since there are no added preservatives in it. The leftover mix will solidify and be to thick to drizzle just set the container in hot water for a few seconds, stir and it will melt. My coconut oil does not recommend that you put it into the microwave

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Straw's Kitchen CinCooks
Sep 23, 2013
evelyn horsley evelynhorsley
Jun 30, 2013
You are very welcome Cynthia, you can make any flavor you want just change out the chocolate chips. We like the milk chocolate but butterscotch or peanut butter would be awesome too. I like it also that it uses Coconut oil I get mine at Walmart.
Cynthia Absolon cyndi105
Jun 30, 2013
I can't wait to try this. My sons grew up on magic Shell. I especially like that it has Coconut oil in it. Thanks for the recipe.
evelyn horsley evelynhorsley
Jul 31, 2012
Thanks Helen glad you liked it we do too. Thank you for the comment.
Helen McBride maxnme1
Jul 31, 2012
Thanks for sharing this recipe. Tried it and it is yummy and it works. It is "MAGIC".