Homemade Vanilla Sugar



Vanilla Sugar is an old-fashioned mix of real Vanilla Beans aged in pure sugar, that was used in the old days before Vanilla Extract.

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10 Min
No-Cook or Other


4 c
sugar, (i use domino® granulated pure cane sugar)
vanilla beans (i use madagascar beans, for prime vanilla flavor)


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1Step 2: General Rule:

For ever 2 cups of white sugar add the scraped seeds of one vanilla bean.

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2Measure 4 cups of sugar and place in a bowl, set aside.

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3Using a shape knife (sometimes I use a razor blade , as it is easier to plot the vanilla beans), split the bean completely down the middle.

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4With the backside of the knife, scrape the seeds out.

5Add the seeds to the sugar; using your fingers, rub the vanilla seeds with the sugar to disperse them.

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6Sift the sugar to remove hard nuggets left in the sifter; discard the nuggets.

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7Pace half of the vanilla sugar in a, air tight container. Then add the vanilla ponds in the container, I stand them up.

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8Add remaining sugar to the container, if there's place you can top off the container but adding more sugar.. Seal, the container and shake it to incorporate the newly added sugar to the container.

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9Let the vanilla sugar age for approximately 2 weeks in a cool dark place, (each day I shake the container to keep the vanilla sugar from clumping and seeds mixed).
Continue to replace sugar as it is used and the beans will last indefinitely.

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10Vanilla sugar is wonderful sprinkled over French toast or on fresh berries. You simply wash and cut fruits, leaving slightly damp, then toss with Vanilla Sugar (1-2 TB. per quart of fruit) and let stand for a few minutes, then serve plain or as a topper for cereal or ice cream. Vanilla Sugar is perfect in coffee, it tastes great.

Vanilla Sugar can be used in baking and candy-making, and is particularly nice where the flavor of the vanilla bean should shine through, such as in ice-cream.

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