pinch tips: How to Grease a Pan

Shared by Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch

The Just A Pinch Test Kitchen shows how to grease a baking pan.

Mary-Louise Shimkus - Jan 7, 2018
I sudgest you clear your computer cache if your having freezing issues with your computer to iPad. Once I did this no problem!
Marty Deemer - Dec 3, 2017
I make my own pan grease from vegetable shortening, vegetable oil and flour, whipped together. Store in a sealed container .
Cher Meeker - Dec 3, 2017
When I am making a cake I use some of the dry mix to flour the pan. It doesn't leave that white coating that flour leaves.
Barbara Teal - Aug 29, 2017
I can not take credit for this, as I read about it somewhere many years ago, and it is pretty handy when greasing and flouring-odd shaped pans. I keep a powder puff in my flour canister. Simply dust the nooks and crannies with it and shake out the extra flour. Plus, it is fun to hear the comments when someone discovers the powder puff in there.
Charline Greer - Jul 27, 2017
Depending on what I am baking, I sometimes use Cake Batter or Confectioners Sugar. And of course I have used flour. Great tip.
Melanie Johnson - May 7, 2017
I also have been doing this forever, except I like to do it in the sink so I can just rinse any flour that escapes right down the drain.
janet kaskie - Nov 12, 2016
I usually put a scoop of the cake mix instead of flour and shake the excess back into the mix...
Nancy Galvin - Oct 20, 2016
mine did not freeze up, but I was hoping for a different hint. I have been doing this forever. Thought everyone knew this.
Noel DeTierra - Sep 9, 2016
The post only shows " how to grease a pan " & freezes up.
Andie Worth - Aug 2, 2016
The ad keeps freezing the screen
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