pinch tips: Perfect Bacon Every Time

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Perfect bacon every time thanks to this tip from the Just A Pinch Test Kitchen.

Jessie Baum - Dec 17, 2017
I do this too and my bacon turns out great
Susan smieja - Aug 19, 2017
I have been using a sheet pan lined with foil or parchment paper and it always turns out great. I liked the idea of using the cold start and will try tomorrow. I always do 2 or 3 lbs and just throw in a storage bag and refrigerate. The sheet pan holds a whole Pound and I always have on hand ready to go.
Donna Doxtator - Aug 19, 2017
I have broiled my bacon for years, using Low setting, Middle Rack. My pan holds almost the full pound. Once several pieces brown I remove to paper lined plate. I then add remaining strips of bacon. Bacon comes out straight strips with no grease. If I do not use
all the bacon, I wrap in paer toweling and refrigerate. Leave in toweling and place in microwave to rewarm.

I have never heard of the water method and will definitely give it a try next time, Prefer broiler as I can do so much at one time and stretch bacon out fully on the pan.
Sue Sanders - May 31, 2017
I would advise to never pour any grease down your drain. I pour the little amt of grease in a glass jar that I save until its full to dispose in the trash with a tight lid on it. I take paper towels and wipe the skillet almost dry before adding soap and water to let sit while we have breakfast. Then take a brush and wipe skillet clean. The bacon is tender crisp and is delicious. Yes it browns as the water cooks down in evaporation. Those pickle jars and other type jars make a good container to pour your grease in. Any medium size jar can sit in a plastic container like a Cool Whip bottom and then set it in bottom of cabinet with a lid on the jar until you need to pour more greast in it.
Sue Sanders - May 31, 2017
The water method gives you tender crisp bacon without all the fat. The water cooks down during the cooking and still no splatters. Its delicious. I have done the oven method and had all that grease to pour off the foil on the cookie sheet...messy. Just put bacon in a heated skillet and cover with water...depends on size of skillet how much. My skillet takes about 1/2 cup. I will continue to use this method as the bacon is so good and so much less mess and no splatters on stove. I dont use drippings as is animal fat that we health nuts want to avoid to save our arteries.
Jeanne Collins - Mar 5, 2017
Haven't you ever heard of cooking bacon in the oven?? Line a sheet with foil (the type with a lip around the edge). Lay out your bacon strips on the foil covered sheet. Put the sheet in a COLD oven then turn it on to 400 degrees. In roughly 20 minutes you have perfectly cooked FLAT strips of bacon! Move the strips from the pan to a paper towel to catch any excess grease and once cooled, serve. By starting with a cold oven, the bacon heats up slowly and it never pops all over the oven. Each type of bacon takes a different time to cook so you'll need to watch it starting at the 15 minute mark until you figure out the best cooking time for your favorite brand. I prefer the bacon from and it cooks perfectly in 22 minutes so I get it going, set my timer and I can forget about it till the timer goes off! It's also super easy to make candied bacon for ice cream this way, just sprinkle your strips with brown sugar before putting it in the oven. And cleanup is super simple! Just let the foil cool and wad it up and toss in trash! You're done!
Bonnie Beck - Feb 20, 2017
Alice. Greasy water??? The water evaporates!!!
Alice Jones - Feb 19, 2017
Sounds worth a try until I think about clean up, putting that greasy water down the drain? Next step, clean the drain or call the plumber soon.
Roxann Clark - Jan 28, 2017
well, this is new to me so I will try the video way first and if that does not work I will go with the oven,either way, it's new to me and it can't hurt. Love justapinch site. thanks
Bonnie Beck - Jan 25, 2017
Anna and Marie. No tto both your questions. Kay just enough to slightly cover the bacon. Linda...don't know. Just know I never have to turn the bacon with the oven method.
carole smith - Jan 21, 2017
My method is slightly different but works just as well. I take the bacon & run cold water over it before placing it in skillet. The bacon will not shrink & you still have no more grease or popping than w/o the water.
Marie Ward - Jan 21, 2017
Doesn't the water make the bacon grease pop?
Bonnie Beck - Dec 28, 2016
I use the water method all the times. Place bacon on cookie sheet, pour cold water to cover silghtly
and bake 350* in the oven till done. I have never had to turn it over.
Anna Blair - Nov 11, 2016
Doesn't it make the bacon tough and chewy?
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